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Hasbro’s New Figure Reveals Are Full of Rebels, Robots, and a Goddamn Hammerhead

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This past weekend Hasbro—not content with the metric buttload of action figures it’s already been teasing lately—revealed a bunch of new figures for its Transformers, G.I. Joe, Marvel, and Star Wars lines at Wondercon. But, at long last, the toymaker is getting around to a character from the galaxy far, far away it’s been away from for far too long.

Momaw Nadon—aka Hammerhead, as the Ithorian bar patron was lovingly referred to back in Kenner’s classic Star Wars figure line—is an unhinged choice for a Star Wars action figure, considering he’s in A New Hope for a handful of seconds, adding memorable background flavor to Mos Eisley Cantina. But those early days of merch mania that turned Star Wars into such a transformative moment in the toy industry meant that no matter how obscure the character, odds are they’d wind up on a toy shelf at some point. Momaw was an early prime choice, sealing his status in the minds of Star Wars fans and collectors forevermore.

There’s been figure recreations of him over the years since that original rudimentary figure, but not in Hasbro’s 6″-scaled Black Series line yet—although the inevitably was all but assured when, last year, Hasbro revealed a special action figure for the Galaxy’s Edge theme park recreating the Disney Parks’ own Ithorian character, antiquities dealer Dok Ondar. Now though, at last, we can get our hands on the real deal. Click through to see Momaw and plenty more reveals—including new Star Wars Rebels figures for fans who didn’t get their hands on the lavish crowdfunded replica of the Ghost, lots of Iron Men for the Marvel Legends line, and more!

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