Have you ever wanted to simplify your diet, feel better in your own skin, lose weight and eat the cleanest food possible? This informative and concise book will show you why adopting the raw vegan lifestyle can completely change your life and the way you think about food * * * NOW FOR A LOW PRICE. This deal won’t last forever * * * As an avid vegan and raw diet enthusiast, I would like to share my knowledge and my lifestyle with you. I wasn’t always a vegan, in fact, I’m ashamed to say, there was a time in my life where ribs were my favourite food. As I got older and started making my own decisions, I realized that I wanted to try the raw vegan diet and it completely changed my life. The way my body feels on a regular basis is totally unbelievable. I feel more fit, healthy and physically capable. This book features some of my all-time favourite raw vegan recipes. I guarantee you will love every single on of them! Allow me to show you the way of the raw vegan lifestyle and convince you that it is the best possible way to go. You Will Learn…… – The health benefits of eating a raw vegan diet – Why there is a dramatic increase of people choosing to become raw vegans -Why raw veganism is way more simple than people like to acknowledge – How becoming a raw vegan is easy and why you should start today! -8 Detailed, mouthwatering recipes including: Raw Vegan Coconut Brownies Raw Vegan Coconut Cashew Smoothie Raw Vegan Apple Cinnamon Oats Raw Vegan Mango Banana Berry Sorbet Raw Vegan Creamy Zoodle Bowl Raw Vegan Thai Noodle Bowl Raw Vegan Creamy Kale Caesar Salad Raw Vegan Carrot Patties and much more! Hurry and grab this book right now so you can begin your transformation today. Even if you decide that a raw vegan lifestyle is not for you, this book will still give you amazing recipes and a great insight to raw veganism. Grab it now! Scroll up & hit the buy button now. A healthier life awaits you! TAGS————— Vegetarian cookbook, raw till 4, raw food, vegan diet

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