Genevieve Padalecki Opens Up About Playing Husband Jared Padalecki's Wife in 'Walker'

Genevieve Padalecki please open about dallying the wife of her real-life husband, Jared Padalecki, on the small screen for Walker.

The 40 -year-old actress frisks Emily Walker, the entitle character’s deceased bride, who is at the centre for human rights of the newcomers series’ plot.

“So when I first signed onto it, there was only the captain that had been developed and the character, she had gone through a couple of different revisions and such to get where she is now, ” Genevieve recalled to TheWrap in a brand-new interrogation. “But there was certainly that like,’ Where is this going to go? And how is it going to play out? ’[ feeling ].”

She adds that she’s one of the many wanting Emily to come back, because the way she leaves is “gut-wrenching”.

“Like, I want to continue working with[ Jared] and I likewise don’t want to envision myself in this capacity. This is awful! So yeah, it’s clearly, like, you are familiar with, churned up different emotions for us, for sure, that we’ve sort of … like not want to talk about and that sort of thing. And there’s clearly a gravitation to it. But at the same time, there is also a lot of play with it more and sort of letting become of the severity and have fun creating it as well. I think there’s probably both sides to it. It only depends on the day, I guess.”

Genevieve does say that she quite likes playing Emily, who will be seen in multiple flashbacks throughout the season.

” I adore the fact that right now I’ve established something from scratch and to be able to have fun with her and create a whole different relationship and matrimony. And being a mother, it’s really fun ,” she says. “… I think that playing Emily is certainly scary right now because we haven’t aired and it’s like,’ Oh God, are parties going to like this? I hope that members enjoy it.’”

Genevieve and Jared have been married since 2010 and share three children together, Thomas, 8, Austin, 7, and Odette, 3.

Walker will premiere Thursday, January 22 at 8/ 7c on The CW. Here’s who else is starring in the picture …

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