Band colors: yellow, green, red, blue, black
Weight: 0.97 lb(440g)
Material: latex
5 bands length: 115cm(all bands are of equal lengths)
5 bands weight: 48g(yellow), 53g(green), 64g(red), 68g(blue), 83g(black)
5 resistance levels: 10 pounds(yellow), 15pounds(green), 20pounds(red), 25pounds(blue), 30pounds(black)

—— all resistance bands made of natural latex, have great elasticity.
—— the resistance bands are great for beginners and advanced. Suit for adults, men and women.
—— perfect for P90x, yoga, Pilates, strength training, daily fitness workout and physical therapy.

What’s included:
5×Resistance Bands
2×Legs Ankle Straps
2×Foam Handles
1×Door Anchor
1 x Carrying Pouch
1×Workout Guide

Please don’t use these bands if you are allergic to latex.
Always examine the resistance band or tube before use for small nicks, tears, or punctures that many cause the band to break.
Avoid exercises involving stretching the fitness resistance band or tube in such a fashion that it may snap toward the head and cause injury to the head or eyes.
Be sure the resistance band or tubing is securely anchored to a sturdy object or attachment before use.
Do not overstretch band or tube by more than 3 times its resting length.
Remove rings from the fingers before using the resistance bands or tubing.
Keep all resistance bands and tubing out of direct sunlight and away from extreme temperature.

Product Features

  • Ideal for Workout and Therapy: A useful set for workout and therapy with professional fitness guidelines. This resistance tubes provided your more choices for exercising different parts of body, like arms, shoulders, legs, chest and etc.
  • Premium Quality & Protective Design: Exercise bands are made of premium natural latex with strong steel D-ring buckles. They won’t distort or snap even at strong tension. Foam Handles and thickening design Ankle Straps protect our hands and legs from injury. The carabiner are convenient to replace.
  • Easy to use: Every training bands can be used alone or stacked in any combination of intensity from 10Lbs to 110Lbs. This stretch bands enhances all aspects of Health, effective for fitness training. Designed for both Men and Women.
  • 11 Fitness Workout Sets: 5 colored resistance bands: yellow(10 lbs), green(15lbs), red(20lbs), blue(25lbs), black(30lbs); 2 cushioned foam handles, 2 comfortable ankle straps, 1 door anchor and a carrying bag.
  • Portable Design: The Fylina latex resistance cords kit is lightweight and all the pieces can be stored in a small carry bag. Perfect for travel, gym, or in-home use. Great for seasoned professionals or beginners. (Note: Fylina Resistance Cords include a 18-month warranty)

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