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Four Reasons to Love St. Clare of Assisi

Four Reasons to Love St. Clare of AssisiFour Reasons to Love St. Clare of Assisi

God’s grace is often mysterious to us, but I never find it more perplexing than when I study historical periods that seem to burst with saints. Today is the feast of St. Clare of Assisi, a saint who are in a go and locate of numerous saints.

Of course, St. Clare’s most famous contemporary might be St. Francis of Assisi, her friend and the co-founder of her require. It’s hard to overstate the importance of the life of St. Francis, but that sometimes means we forget the many incredible parties encircling him. But we should remember them and likewise receive the time of St. Francis was an era that had a great need for numerous saints.

To honor St. Clare of Assisi on her fete day, let’s look at a few aspects of her life and ministry. These realities will assist you examine why so many beings turn to St. Clare. More than that, St. Clare is an inspiration to seek God’s will, even if the world downfalls around you.

1. A Child of Privilege

St. Clare came from a princely pedigree. Although her father’s position was rather minor, his resource was incredible for the time. In fact, St. Clare grew up in a palace on the gradients near Assisi. While her resource certainly gave her solace, she would adopt privation and the call to religious life.

2. A Family of Saints

St. Clare was inspired by St. Francis to live within the walls of a monastery. Her father was opposed to such a simple life of poverty, decency, and observance. However, Clare could not be dissuaded. Her heart had attained ardour, and she was going to embrace it.

However, St. Clare wouldn’t be the only saint in her family. Despite her father’s attempts to force her out of religious animation, the rest of her family determined her faith provoking. Eventually, two of Clare’s sisters and her own mother would affiliate her in adopt a life serving Christ. In time, her sister Agnes would be canonized as a saint, while her baby was later declared anointed. If that’s not enough, her cousin, Bl. Rufino, was among the first friends of St. Francis.

3. Eucharistic Miracle

The Church was in chaos in the thirteenth century. In particular, Italy was in a state of war throughout the life of Frederick II, the Holy Roman Emperor who fought wars against the Pope. This is a complex time and hard to explain the intricacies of its politics. So, we will have to sum it up to say that it was a messy time filled with war, indecision, and political instability.

Assisi was rarely spared this time of war, and the city often suffered sieges and criticizes. In 1224, Frederick’s corps were moving to affect Assisi and plunder the monasteries. St. Clare was not a warrior, but she was gutsy. The royal saint went out to the gate of her convent with the Blessed Sacrament, praying for defence. One account reports that a articulation rebutted Clare’s petitions with a enunciate, saying “I will keep them always in My care.”

4. The Patron St. of Television

While St. Clare died in 1253, Pope Pius XII showed her the patron saint of television in 1957. The fib behind this is relevant to our time.

As you can see, St. Clare had a great adored for the Eucharist. As her health decreased over her older age, nonetheless, she was unable to attend Mass or worship as much as she’d like. On one Christmas eve, Clare was so ill that she couldn’t attend the liturgies and celebrations of that holy day. The incapacitated saint was discontented at her inability to visit the Lord in the Eucharist but there was little she could do.

The Holy Spirit and the angels took sadnes on St. Claire and wreaked the images of the Mass to her area. The portraits and the bangs of her community’s Mass were projected into her chamber and St. Claire was able to experience the Mass, despite being unable to attend. This miracle engendered the future Pope to proclaim her the patron saint of Tv, but I imagine she is also a candidate for those of us who( unfortunately) had to endure live-streamed Piles.

St. Clare of Assisi, Pray for Us!

As you can see, St. Clare is an inspiring and timeless saint. Her time is not extremely disparate from our own and the answer to such times remains the same: saints who bring us back to the Eucharistic Jesus. In St. Clare, we have a champion who shows us how to live a simple and daring religion.

I encourage you to ask St. Clare to help you to rely on the Eucharist in our troubling epoches. I peculiarly recommend the following prayer:

O Glorious St. Clare! God has given you the influence of wielding miracles repeatedly, and the regard of reacting the petitions of those who invoke your assistance in misfortune, nervousnes, and distress. We beseech you, obtain from Jesus through Mary His Blessed Mother, what we beg of you so fervently and hopefully,( mention your application) if it be for the greater honor and beauty of God and for the well being of our beings. Amen.

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