When it comes to Men and Skincare, BioActive Facial Hydration Serum is an essential item for the bathroom cabinet. Serums are much more effective than regular moisturisers in treating everyday skin problems regularly encountered by men. Serums are more beneficial than moisturisers, as they reach deeper layers of the skin. Additionally, they are extremely lightweight and are easily absorbed into the skin. People will not know you are using a serum – however, they will notice the improvement of your skin. Forever Young BioActive Facial Hydration Serum contains safe, yet powerful ingredients which are provided in a small molecular structure; thus allowing for deeper penetration into the skin. Included in this facial serum is Aloe Vera. This is a remarkable product as it extremely hydrating for the skin, locking in moisture and protecting the skin for environmental stressors which would otherwise damage the complexion. Additionally Aloe Vera is loaded with antioxidant value, thus further protecting your skin from any free radical attack. Forever Europe has also combined this ingredient as it has been used for hundreds of years for its healing qualities. Any skin imperfections, nicks, spots or redness will be instantly cooled and soothed, with the help of this product. Genius! Forever Europe has added avocado oil, as this also has amazing benefits for the skin. Included in avocado oil is a component names sterolin. Research conducted has shown this diminishes the appearance of age spots as well having the ability to soften the skin. This oil is rich in antioxidants as well as lecithin and potassium. These ingredients will moisturiser, protect and transform the skin – it is particularly helpful for dry and ageing skin. Overall guys, if you want to reduce imperfections and improve your complexion, then buy Forever Young BioActive Facial Hydration Serum you will see the difference and never look back !

Product Features

  • Forever Young Bioactive Facial Hydration Serum For Men * BOTOX EFFECT Anti Wrinkle Anti Ageing Formula * -Specially Formulated For Mens Skin using the finest Natural Anti Ageing Ingredients On the Market Today !
  • This Product Contains Natural Organic Ingredients For The Best Skin Care Experience and the Jar Size is 50ml
  • All Forever Young Products are Guaranteed to be NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS
  • FREE UK First Class Delivery and SAME DAY Dispatch if ordered before 1PM To Ensure You Get Your Delivery FAST
  • Made IN UNITED KINGDOM under Strict Regulations and Tested To Ensure Complete Safety – Be Careful of Products made Elsewhere as some are completely Untested and may contain Harmful Additives

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