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Here are my February favourites, I hope you enjoy! Do let me know what you’ve been loving this month and give this video a thumbs up if you’d like to see more favourites videos in the future.

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Speed clean power hour https://youtu.be/k2e5dvlVWOs
How to have a clean home with kids https://youtu.be/w623urGZ040
10 Habits for a clean home https://youtu.be/icABKGMONdg
How I get motivated to Clean https://youtu.be/rB6XEUqcQbY
How to clean your house FAST https://youtu.be/MvnSvFX-sY4

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  1. Love this 💖 I’m trying to adopt the same attitude to food & diets which is hard when you have weight to lose. Would love to see food shopping hauls & what I eat is a day videos for your new lifestyle xx

  2. So happy to hear about the ditching of the diets – I really need to lose some weight but love food, diets are like the devil imo – once you stop, you pile it back on, healthier choices are def the way to go hun! U prob get sick of my commenting about your hair but it's so gorgeous, colour, healthy – beautiful! I think back to your really early vids and it was so wavy/curly, and now it's so poker straight and lush – it's totally changed! VT lipstick is a funny one – it's lovely on you but completely different tone on me, weird! xoJoanxo

  3. Found you through Tara and you are just lovely!! So fresh and pretty and I love these types of vids perfect to listen to on my drive for my Sunday morning coffee xxx have a great week babe.

  4. Loved this video so much! I love the way you show your favourites but also really explain why they are beneficial in an in-depth way! Love your views on dieting too! I have been thinking about healthier living and I am going to buy the salt stick deodorant as it is seems to be healthier to the skin and kinder to the environment. Thinking about buying the Rhiannon Lambert book as it seems full of good advice! Thank you for sharing Liza!💖

  5. So glad you’ve made this decision about a diet! I made this decision about 6months ago, I’m still finding my way around eating and finding a balance but it feels nice not to feel restricted! And also its had a positive effect on my children seeing me not dieting xx

  6. Great vlog Liza, really enjoyed the variety. Yaaaaaas the world needs to ditch the word DIET, the first three letters spell DIE after all lol. With me diets kill my motivation by the end of day two and I am so fed up of wasting thinking energy about what diet I should do next year in year out for too many years. I've recently been trying plant based as a lifestyle change and just being healthier in general with no pressure and it's an easier path to follow so far. I just need to be more consistent long-term. x

  7. Love your view on dieting Hun. I’ve taken the same decision . I’m sick of living my life on a diet and feeling guilty if I have a treat . I’m with u Hun 👍🏼 xx

  8. Hi, can you please write the products you love in your comment section. It’s really handy if you like something you have mentioned to just look at your comments area and not have to watch your video again………..Yes I would like to see the snacks you are eating……….I have been told that the best way to lose weight is to eat 6 small healthy meals a day and 3 litres of water! But what confuses me is they never even give examples of what those 6 small healthy meals should consist of???


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