A acclaimed paraphrase by Franklin D. Roosevelt is “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” He understood that suspicion is ultimately what strips us of our the same rights and drives a society into totalitarianism, and that the only way to circumvent such a demise is to bravely resist fear. Today, one of the biggest threats( or so we’re told) is a world-wide pandemic.

Today, we also have something no previous oppressor has had, namely the technology to track, vestige, verify and influence souls wherever they are. Most beings are surrounded by electronics and wireless machines that return every imaginable data point about your personal life. Digital currency stands at the ready to complete the net of tyranny.

Engineering Contagion

I’ve written numerous commodities inspecting the technical indication supporting the claim that SARS-CoV-2 is a laboratory creation. Whether the pathogen was liberated accidentally or on purpose is probably less important than set up an truth of its parentage.

The rationalization I say that is because intent would be hard to prove, while the fact that we’re still engineering bioweapons is irrefutable — and, as long as we continue dangerous gain-of-function study, the intention arise can only be more of the same. More eruptions. More pandemics. More fear. Increased assure. More limiteds. Fewer impunities.

Hysteria is infectious. We are working ourselves up into a lather in which we exaggerate the threat and stop inviting ourselves whether the medicine may be worse than the canker.~ Lord Sumption, United states supreme court Judge

If we are ready to raze the bioterrorism threat narration, we have to address the study that procreates this threat a prospect in the first place. The video above features independent journalist Whitney Webb, who provides an overview of the research she’s amassed in the course of writing articles on bioterrorism.

Her September 25, 2020, article1 “Engineering Contagion: UPMC, Corona-Thrax and’ The Darkest Winter” delves into how the biodefense industrial composite are already working on a turbo-charged constitute of anthrax.

Documents secured via FOIA exposes anthrax, an previously deadly pathogen, is being genetically manipulated to express the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein, the the purposes of the virus that allows it to gain access into human cells. This clearly has little to do with staying a pace ahead of nature, ensure how bacteria are not likely to mix with and take on the specific characteristics of a virus if left to their own manoeuvres. I encourage you to watch the video and/ or predict her clause if you’re interested in this topic.

Democracy Under Threat

As noted by Dr. Reiner Fuellmich2 — co-founder of the German Corona Extra-Parliamentary Inquiry Committee3, 4 that is preparing the biggest class-action lawsuit in history5, 6,7, 8 — scientists, advocates, medical professionals and academics are increasingly recognizing that the deliberate fear-mongering that has stopped the COVID-1 9 pandemic alive hole past its expiration date threatens to supplant republic with “fascist totalitarian models” of government.

Fortunately, more and more of them are now starting to realize that they must speak out, before it’s too late. Case in detail, a Journal of Law and the Biosciences paper9 by Stephen Thompson and Eric C. Ip, both from the University of Hong kong residents, titled “COVID-1 9 Emergency Measures and the Impending Authoritarian Pandemic, ” which reads, in part 😛 TAGEND

“This Article expresses — with diverse instances drawn from all over the world — there was still palpable regressions into authoritarianism in administrative efforts to contain the virus. Despite the unprecedented nature of these new challenges, there is no sound justification for systemic corrosion of rights-protective democratic ideals and organizations beyond that which is strictly demanded by the exigencies of the pandemic.

A Wuhan-inspired all-or-nothing approach to viral containment determines a perilous instance for future pandemics and disasters, with the global copycat response demonstrating an impending’ pandemic’ of a different style, that of authoritarianization.

With a unjustified toll being inflicted on republic, civil sovereignties, fundamental freedoms, healthcare moralities, and human dignity, this has the potential to release humanitarian crises no less ravaging than COVID-1 9 in the long run.”

Bioterrorism Narrative Used to Fuel Fear

Over the past several years, the threat of bioterrorism and viruses in general have been foreground as one of the most serious threats to mankind. Bill Gates, who invests in and profits from pandemic vaccines, has been priming the public to panic the advent of deadly cankers for years.

In 2015, he warned his TED Talk audience that the next large-hearted menace to humanity would be “a highly infectious virus” that “we are not ready for, ”1 0 and in 2017 he predicted tens of millions could be killed by bioweapons. 11

“The next epidemic could originate on the computer screen of a terrorist intent on using genetic engineering to create a synthetic version of the smallpox virus … or a super contagious and deadly damage of the influenza, ” Gates said at the time. 12

Of course, Gates also co-hosted the October 2019 pandemic preparedness pretending known as Event 201, along with the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security and the World Economic Forum. The happening eerily foreseen what the hell is happen 10 weeks earlier, when COVID-1 9 saw.

This scripted tabletop effort included everything we now find playing out in the real world, from PPE famines, lockdowns and removal of political liberty to mandated vaccination campaigns, riotings, fiscal disarray and the dislocation of social cohesion. They even got the type of virus right: a “novel coronavirus.”

The detailed operating paper1 3 “Bioterrorism and Biocrimes: The Illicit Use of Biological Agents Since 1900, ” originally published in 1998 and reviewed in 2001, evaluations some 270 believed biowarfare incidents on record.

Considering that paper is now virtually 20 years old, that schedule is likely to be even longer today. This directory may even include SARS-CoV-2, if we are to believe Francis Boyle, who drafted the Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989, and others.

Technocracy Rising

Another medical professional who is now speaking frankly about the COVID-1 9 pandemic being a brazen power-grab by the technocratic nobility is Dr. Lee Merritt, an orthopedic spinal surgeon with a medical pattern in Logan, Iowa. 14

August 16, 2020, she gave a pronunciation at the Doctors for Disaster Preparedness1 5 convening in Las Vegas, Nevada, featured in “How Medical Technocracy Made the Plandemic Possible, ” in which she dissected the many fear-inducing lies we’ve been told about this pandemic.

When you ogle at the actual data and statistics accessible, and compare them to what we’re being told by government officials and the media, it becomes evident that there’s a gulf between the two. The data tells us SARS-CoV-2 is not the existential threat it’s been made out to be. That in turn asks the issues to: “Why do they want us to live in fear? Surely, there must be a reason for it.”

Of course there is, and it “ve got nothing” to do with making sure you and your family remain healthy and safe from illnes. The big picture emerging seems to point in one tendency, and that is the implementation of a long-standing plan to usher in and permanently establish a technocratic culture.

In summary, technocracy1 6,17 is an economic ideology built around totalitarian rule by unelected leaders. A technocrat is someone who utilizations superpower over you on the basis of their knowledge. As an economic system, technocracy is resource-based. Under this system, firms are told what reserves they’re allowed to use, when, and for what, and purchasers are told what to buy.

Social Engineering Is in Full Swing

The technocratic plan too compels social engineering, which relies on massive all the data and the operation of artificial intelligence. Technocrats have mutely and relentlessly propagandized this agenda forward ever since the 1930 s, and ratifies of its implementation are becoming increasingly visible.

In a few short months, we’ve been dramatically altered from a position of flexibility to a nation of autocracy, and the course that was done was through social engineering, which of course involves mental manipulation.

Censoring and propaganda are but two policies that mold and mold a population. Psychiatry professor Albert Biderman’s “chart of coercion”1 8,19 also includes the following techniques, all of which can be clearly related to the COVID-1 9 response 😛 TAGEND

Isolation proficiencies — Quarantines, social distancing, separation from loved ones and solitary confinement

Monopolization of perception — Monopolizing the 24/7 bulletin round, censoring dissension views and creating barren environments by closing rails, gyms and restaurants

Degradation procedures — Criticizing, reproaching parties( or even physically assaulting) those who refuse to wear cover-ups or social distance, or generally choose discretion over fear

Induced debility — Being forced to stay at home and not be be allowed to employ or socialize

Threats — Menacing with the removal of your children, prolonged quarantine, closing of your business, punishments for noncompliance with mask and social distancing patterns, pressured vaccination and so on

Demonstrating omnipotence/ omniscience — Shutting down the whole world, claiming scientific and medical authority

Enforcing trivial expects — Examples include family members being forced to stand 6 feet apart at the bank even though they arrived together in the same car, having to wear a mask when you walk into a diner, even though you can remove it as soon as you sitting there, or having to wear a mask when ambling alone on the beach

Occasional indulgence — Reopening some places and diners but simply at a certain capacity, for example. Part of the pressure design is that humorings are always taken away again, though, and they’re previously saying we may have to shut down the world countries again this fall

The Trampling of Privacy and Human Liberty

The technocracy’s fingerprints are also evident in the invasive, privacy-shredding tracking and tracing planneds that ought to have rolled out various regions of the world, and the repeated warning that unless all the men, woman and child comes injected against SARS-CoV-2, life will never go back to normal.

The truth is, the technocrats has no plans of ever causing us going to be home to ordinary. The proposal is to alter society permanently. Character of that alteration is the removal of civil liberties and human rights, and it is now happening at breakneck move.

As reported by Alex Berenson in a September 30, 2020, Twitter post, 20 real-world experience proposes mobile phone carriers, including AT& T and Verizon, are already providing data to territory authorities for quarantines and contact retracing determinations without your learning or acquiesce, even though we’ve been told track and retrace apps “wouldve been” voluntary.

We’re likewise being attacked with news reports telling us to prepare to roll up our sleeves and get injected as soon as a COVID-1 9 inoculation is currently available — or else.

An October 1, 2020, article2 1 in the reputable New England Journal of Medicine bemoans a poll that found only 49% of Americans plan to get the COVID-1 9 vaccine when it comes out. The explanation, the article intimates, is to make it mandatory for all.

Written by advocates at Stanford Law School and other state programme professionals, the article outlines what the authors claim are “six substantive criteria” that would is in favour of firstly vaccine ever to be mandated for adults, outside of the flu inoculation for health care workers.

Recognizing that it’s the individual states , not the federal government, that they are able to do the mandating, the authors likewise remembered measures that states would need to implement in order to better to pull off a mandate.

“State mandates should not be structured as compulsory vaccination( ultimate requirements ); instead , noncompliance should incur fines and penalties, ” the authors say, adding that this sanction should be “substantive, ” in the form of employment suspension or stay-at-home lineups. If refusing a vaccine ensues in you being denied an income and forced into house arrest, then it’s not really voluntary, is it? It’s as mandatory as it gets.

Along with Gates, Dr. Anthony Fauci has also been priming the public consciousness throughout the pandemic by warns that, without a inoculation, we’ll never be able to go back to ordinary. 22 All this talk is about made vaccination, despite the complete lack of self-assurance that any of the inoculation candidates are safe.

Emerging evidence actually suggests the novel mRNA inoculations for SARS-CoV-2 could be a public health catastrophe in the making. An October 1, 2020, report2 3 by CNBC revaluations the experiences of five participants in Moderna’s and Pfizer’s SARS-CoV-2 inoculation troubles. One of the participants in Pfizer’s vaccine trial “woke up with colds, shaking so hard he cracked a tooth after taking the second quantity, ” CNBC reports. 24

A Moderna trial participant said he had a low-grade fever and felt “under the weather” for several days after his first shot. Eight hours after his second shot he was “bed-bound with a delirium of over 101, shakes, coldness, a pounding headache and shortness of breath. He said the pain in his arm, where he received the shot, was almost like a’ goose egg on my shoulder.’ He hardly slept that darknes, recording that his temperature are greater than 100 stages for five hours.”2 5

Two others reported similar side effects, and a third forewarned you would need to take a day off after the second shot. CNBC also noted that “as firms progressed through clinical contests, several inoculation producers abandoned their highest doses following reports of more severe reactions.”

Russian Intelligence: COVID-1 9 Is a’ False Pandemic’

The law eagles of the German Corona Extra-Parliamentary Inquiry Committee2 6,27 are not the only ones announcing the COVID-1 9 pandemic out as a fraud and cover-up of a more nefarious plan.

In the video above, Vladimir Kvachkov, a onetime colonel of Russian military knowledge, announces COVID-1 9 a false-hearted pandemic, projected and implemented with the aim of gaining totalitarian ascertain over the world population. It started with 9/11, Kvachkov says, and the coronavirus is the next step to continue the power grab.

“It’s all a lie and needs to be considered as a world, strategic special activity, ” Kvachkov says. “These are dominated and staff members exercises of the world’s behind-the-scenes superpowers on limiting humanity.”

Comparing it to members of the military practise, Kvachkov says the ultimate objective is to increase the world’s population to 1 billion “ordinary” beings and precisely 100 million of those in control — with the ordinary people being there to serve the 100 million.

In short, he says, the “artificially created” and “purposely spread” coronavirus has four aspects. The first is belief and person reduction; the second is to demonstrate political dominance over humanity; the third is to depres the world economy; and the fourth is to eliminate geo-economic competition.

COVID-1 9 Rules Mark’ Hysterical Slide Into Police State’

I’ll end this with some observations by British Supreme Court Judge Lord Sumption, who in a March 30, 2020, interview2 8 with The Post warned that COVID-1 9 principles are paving the road for despotism — the employ of ultimate superpower in a atrociou and tyrannical demeanour.

“The real difficulty is that when human civilizations lose their freedom, it’s not generally because tyrants have made it away. It’s frequently because people willfully surrender their impunity in return for protection from some external threat. And the threat is usually a real threat but often inflated.

That’s what I nervousnes we are seeing now. The persuade on politicians has come from the public. They miss activity. They don’t pause to ask whether the action will work. They don’t ask themselves whether the cost will be worth paying. They crave act anyway. And anyone who has studied autobiography will recognize here the classic evidences of collective hysteria.

Hysteria is infectious. We are working ourselves up into a lather in which we inflate security threats and stop inviting ourselves whether the medicine may be worse than the disease.”

It is time to invite ourselves some very pressing questions. Is it reasonable to expect government to eliminate ALL infectious diseases and ALL death? They’ve proven they cannot, yet we retain abandoning more and more freedoms and sovereignties because they claim doing so will stop everyone safer. It’s an tempting lie, but a lie nonetheless.

Remember, they sold us on the business shutdowns and home quarantining by saying we just need to drop the arc of infection to avoid hospital overcrowding. Now, infirmaries are near-empty and deaths are so low-pitched they’re not even reported anymore. Yet lockdowns remain in many areas and some — Australia being a prime example — have reached shocking brand-new heights.

Sooner or later everyone must decide which is more important: Personal immunity or false protection? The good report is that many are starting to see the writing on the wall; they’re starting to see we’ve been “had, ” and are starting to choose autonomy over brutal totalitarianism in the name of public health.

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