Drew Barrymore & Paris Hilton Share Their Experiences of Being Placed In Solitary Confinement As Teenagers

Drew Barrymore feels a bit closer with Paris Hilton after watching her YouTube documentary, where Paris revealed the past abuse she went through during her boarding school years as a teenager.

The actress hosted Paris on her brand-new talk appearance, where the socially distanced two opened up about their past suffers of being placed in solitary confinement at the forcible handwritings of people in power.

” I’ve been where you’ve been and watching your documentary, I don’t know how many interviews and conversations I’m going to have on this register where I am watching a mirror image of everything I’ve get through as well and so I want to speak to you and have you know that I’ve had the people come and take me away ,” Drew stated while talking with Paris.

Drew revealed that she too has been” locked up in solitary confinement. I’ve been in a lieu for lengthy periods of time we are talking year, time and a half plus. I haven’t seen a kind of story like this really indicated out there very often that’s one I recognize so profoundly. Why did you decide to do this now ?”

Paris shared that the documentary wasn’t initially supposed to focus on that:” I is ready to do a film to show the business woman I am and all I’ve accomplished because I feel like there are so many misconceptions about me and then during shooting I simply became to close with the administrator that we had this like sisterly rapport where I felt I could open about anything with her .”

” She told me,’ This is so important that you tell your story because you are going to help other survivors and people want to come forward with theirs.’ It was very difficult for me because it wasn’t something I ever wanted to talk about in public ,” she says.

” I was flustered for people to know ,” Paris admitted.” I now know that I shouldn’t be ashamed, the people who work at these places who are abusing children are the ones who should be ashamed .”

Drew and Paris continued to share their individual narrations, ligament on that level.

” I have to tell you, the people at my home were really good ,” Drew said to Paris.” I mean, I didn’t like being drop in solitary confinement. I will say that I was very disaffected. I started rampages there all the time .”

She went on,” There was a lot of other minors like me, and my momma precisely didn’t know what to do with me. I was doing pharmaceuticals. I was out of control. She precisely hurled her hands up and propelled me in there , not knowing where else be returned to. And that arrange really did help me and it did save “peoples lives”, and I actually wouldn’t alteration a thing .”

With Paris, the place she was sent to didn’t help her in any way and she came out with” cartel publications[ and] PTSD .”

” I didn’t deserve to go there ,” she shared.” My mom and dad were just very strict and sanctuary when I lived in L.A. I wasn’t allowed to go on dates, couldn’t wear makeup, couldn’t go to a school dance. They precisely didn’t want me to grow up. Then I moved to New York and that’s when my life modified and I merely was sneaking out at night and going to fraternities and trenching clas, but not doing anything horrible — exactly wanting to go out at night, and that really scared my parents, because they were so protective .”

If you didn’t see, Paris opened up about the physical and emotional abuse she was going through when she was a teenager.

Here’s how her sister, Nicky Hilton, reacted to watching the documentary.

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