Hotflash the Menopause Game was created to educate women about the peri-menopausal experience in a fun format that brings them together to laugh at themselves and vent their frustrations. Hotflash allows women to celebrate their unique hormonal challenges and promotes conversation about a previously taboo topic. Playing the game leads women to share ideas commiserate and let their hair down while gently teaching them a little about their health and bodies. For 2 to 8 Players Ages 39-for-the-first-time to None-of-your-dang-business!Contents:li>1 Game Board and Game Rules8 Token Cards1 Deck of 160 Raging Hormones Cards1 Deck of 76 Hotflash! Cards2 Card Holders2 Dice

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  • Dream On HOTF Hotflash the Menopause Game

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