Can ANYTHING in AmeriKKKa be done fairly and rightly ??

Anti-Covid Vaccination For School Staff In Bari

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From the instant that COVID-1 9 landed on American soil and the country began to shut down, Black folks began to side-eye the idea of a then-non-existent vaccine. There is a long AmeriKKKan history of our parties being used as guinea pigs and test subjects for viruses and sickness that we haven’t and won’t forget. It’s also been well-documented that the pandemic had affected our community much more adversely than others in regards to the severity of indications and fatality. Now that the inoculation actually exists, there is another level of cynicism that we are afflicted with…

Will we, Black kinfolks, be able to get the vaccine before well-to-do and privileged white people? Yesterday, we published a storey about a Manatee County, Florida Commissioner being outed for creating a” VIP schedule” for those who live in the most financially affluent zip codes in her province. Today, we have another instance of a state being accused of withholding the vaccine from occupants based on race and political affiliation.

According to the Argus Leader, the South Dakota Department of Health has come under shell after a Twitter user alleged them of racist and adherent shenanigans regarding the COVID-1 9 vaccine.

Dept. of Health Communications Director Daniel Bucheli clapped back at the accusation with a shady position of force.

That response was seen as inflammatory by numerous including Sioux Falls House Rep. Erin Healy who thumped Bucheli and the SDDOH for their crass handled in Quancy Clayborne’s charge.

Let’s see how this is about to change. As Rachel Maddow famously says, watch this space. There is a good chance that if smaller municipals/ districts like Manatee County, Florida and areas of South Dakota are trying this, then major metropolitan municipals should be under intense scrutiny.

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