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Cheating Site Ashley Madison Is Overflowing With Sextortionists

Ashley Madison promotes itself as a dating site that helps people cheat on their partners. But newly released consumer complaints filed with the FTC, obtained exclusively by Gizmodo, should probably give any potential cheaters pause. The site is lousy with extortion attempts, to put it mildly.

Gizmodo filed a Freedom of Information Act request for all complaints lodged with the FTC over the past five years, and the federal agency says it located 282 in total. The FTC released 200 complaints, most involving extortionists who trick users into giving them naked photos or having a video chat. The extortionists then turn around and demand money, telling the victims that if they refuse they’ll be exposed to friends, family, and employers.

“She took a screen recording of my face and genitals and they started demanding I pay her or she would upload the video and ruin my life,” one typical complaint from a user in Texas reads.

Most of the sextortionists appear to be asking for roughly $1,000 or $2,000 at first, though that can escalate quickly, even if an initial payment is made.

“A lady messaged me and told me she found out my wife’s name, Facebook, and our home address and is demanding $2,000 or she was going to send the information from my profile to my wife,” another complaint from Arkansas explains.

People who say they paid the extortionists often complain that it didn’t stop the scammers from demanding more payments. And that results in a predictable downward spiral of futility for the victims.

“After I paid them they then asked for more money. I have a feeling this isn’t going to stop and I don’t know what to do,” one user from Michigan writes.

Ashley Madison has long been a target for extortionists and moral crusaders, with the site suffering a massive data breach back in 2015 after getting hacked. The anonymous hackers demanded the site be taken down or they’d release detailed information about users. After about a month, the hackers made good on their threat, releasing roughly 10 gigabytes of information on the site’s 37 million users. That led to high-profile consequences, including everything from the resignation of a state attorney in Florida to the suicide of a pastor in New Orleans.

But even after such a devastating hack, the site is still around. And scammers seem to be everywhere. Some of the complaints involved victims who at first refused to pay, only to see the scammer then claim to be a minor, for which the consequences could be much greater than embarrassment.

Most of the complaints are about attempts at extortion, but not all of them were from people in committed monogamous relationships. Given the way Ashley Madison is marketed, it’s easy to understand why extortionists believe the site is a target-rich environment for people who are trying to conceal affairs.

The FTC redacted sensitive and private information in the complaints before they were released to Gizmodo, making it impossible to independently verify each claim. But given the common experiences reported from users across the country, we feel it’s valuable to see what consumers are saying about any given product or service—whether it’s hidden cameras at Airbnbs, deadly flea collars, or crypto platforms like FTX.

The 45 complaints below have been edited only slightly for readability, including capitalization, spelling, and punctuation. But the substance of each complaint hasn’t been otherwise changed. Ashley Madison didn’t respond to questions sent on Monday about safeguards the site has in place for extortion attempts. We’ll update this post if we hear back.

1) “The entire call was recorded on Skype…”

I matched with this person on Ashley Madison and asked to video chat. It was a naked girl on the webcam asking for me to just watch and join in. The entire call was recorded on Skype call and threatened to leak the video to friends, family, and employers if I did not pay $2,000 in three installments varying from $900 increments.

I did not send money and deleted all accounts and everything linked to the email address that could have been used to backtrack my personal information.

2) “I have already given her $5,000 in eBay gift cards…”

I met this woman on the dating site Ashley Madison. We exchanged a few chats on that site, then moved to texting/emailing. She requested that explicit videos and photos be sent to her and I complied. Now she is threatening to expose those. I have already given her $5,000 in eBay gift cards, and she wants another $5,000 on Saturday. I am freaking out.

3) “They took a screenshot of my profile…”

Connected with a person via chat on Ashley Madison and moved the conversation to Snapchat, after which they sent inappropriate photos. They took a screenshot of my profile from the AM site and added inappropriate photos with threats of sending the doctored photo to various social accounts unless I paid $1,000. After no reply, they dropped their demand for money to $300. I have not replied or answered any of their attempts to contact me.

4) “Then she started claiming to be 16…”

We met on a dating site, Ashley Madison, claiming to be 26 and started texting. Pretty soon she wanted to move to Skype to give me a show. She took a screen recording of my face and genitals and they started demanding I pay her or she would upload the video and ruin my life. Several times mentioning people on my Facebook friends list if I didn’t pay her. I told her this was extortion and that was a felony and threaten to report it to the police, and left it at that. Then she started claiming to be 16 and saying all this about how I would get in trouble for child porn, still threatening with the video. There’s no way she is 16 unless she had some serious body modification. She is still being belligerent and threatening me on Skype

5) “This will ruin my life and career.”

I first met this individual on Ashley Madison website. I took some photos exposing myself. Not a good thing to do. I did exactly was required of me. Now they want $500 more. I don’t have. Please help me. This will ruin my life and career.

6) “She persuaded me to take a naked picture…”

I was chatting with a member on Ashley Madison dating site that moved to text. She persuaded me to take a naked picture a few nights ago. The sender is now trying to extort text messages between us and the naked picture for $3,000.

The AshleyMadison username involved was [redacted] and the phone number used was [redacted] (once the extortion itself started, they also called and texted me using [redacted].

7) “They then threatened to spread the video around the internet saying that I am harassing underage girls.”

They wanted to have a sexy video chat including nudity. After a while of us masturbating together the video feed shut off and they said they recorded the video. They then threatened to spread the video around the internet saying that I am harassing underage girls. The woman in the video was not underage, and I met her through Ashley Madison, so I was under the impression she was 26. They keep threatening me to send them money or they will send a pornographic video of me around the internet and social media. They want me to send $1,000 dollars through PayPal to them to delete the video.

8) “She showed me her female parts…”

I was on the Ashley Madison website and this person started a chat with me and we went to Skype to video call and she showed me her female parts and asked to show mine and I did. They then took pictures of me and video naked. Now they are asking me to send money or else they will post that online that I’m a pedophile with my name and pictures attached to it. they contacted me thru text and skype

[redcated] this is the number they contacted me

and the skype ID is [redacted]

9) “They reached out to me again today (6/20/2022), and sent me a screenshot of the explicit video being sent directly to my mother and cousin via Facebook Messenger.”

On 6/19, I initiated online contact with an individual claiming to be a 29 year old woman on the online application, Ashley Madison. We engaged in banter throughout the day and the user requested we video call to engage in a sexual manner over the internet. This user called me via Microsoft’s Skype application and she appeared to be calling via computer webcam. I greeted the user and they responded in text saying they could not voice chat because their aunt was in the other room. I agreed to these terms. They then ended the call and sent me messages suggesting that they were undressing and preparing themselves for an intimate video call. I did much the same. They started another video call and we proceeded to engage in individual sexual activity. After a few minutes, the user ended their video and showed me that they had been recording me the whole time. They then showed me my Facebook profile and friends list threatening to send the recording to them all under the false pretenses that I was engaging in online pedophilic behavior with a minor.

I am shaken at this point. I agree to pay them $4,000 to get them to delete the video. We spend the next 5 hours online trying to push the payment through but encountering difficulties along the way. One was successfully sent via my PayPal account for a sum of $1,000. The site would not let me send more payments through via the site so we proceeded to attempt the money transfers through CashApp, Moneygram, and Western Union. Western Union was the only transfer to succeed but it was put under review. The extortionist demanded I call the help number and ask it to be approved. I did and the agent was able to put together that I was being blackmailed. He then cancelled the transaction, advised I end all contact with the extortionist, and secure my accounts. I did so but the extortionist got a hold of me the next day regardless.

They reached out to me again today (6/20/2022), and sent me a screenshot of the explicit video being sent directly to my mother and cousin via Facebook Messenger. I again became terrified and agreed to pay the total previously agreed upon. I started by withdrawing $800 from my Chase Bank debit account and sent it via direct transfer through my local Walmart. That transaction completed successfully. I then went to Walgreens to make another direct transfer via debit through their in-store Western Union kiosks. That sum was $500. I then did the same an hour later through a different store, this time with a sum of $900, bringing the total amount sent since initial contact to $3,200. My card then maxed out and I was blocked from both withdrawing and transferring money for the next 24 hours. The extortionist has laid off of me since the last payment due to these reasons, expecting me to complete the agreed upon total tomorrow ($621) when the 24 hour wait period is over.

During this time, I have looked into this issue and have realized that I have made a grave mistake. I have now contacted my parents, the local police (Garland, TX), and you to get help resolving this issue. Following this report, I will be submitting another report to the Federal Trade Commission and informing every contact I can that I am being scammed and that they should ignore any future contact from me or strangers through Facebook.

10) “I sent two nude pictures of mine back…”

Met on Ashley Madison and asked me to chat outside the dating app. We started to use Signal and the scammer sent me nude pictures. I sent two nude pictures of mine back and the scammer started to threaten to share it with employer, family and friends if I don’t pay $2,000.


This woman I met on ashleymadison.com stated they recorded me and would leak the video to my family and friends through text messages and social media. They already texted my wife with one of the 4 phone numbers listed below. This person is demanding $5,000 from me, or they will continue to expose me.


We have access to your complete profile data including your pics, secret fantasies, conversations, etc.

– from [redacted]


u want this all to be gone and get ur self into normal again or u want it ruin and hunt u for the rest of ur life?

its ur choice

one wrong answer and u


u have the chance to end this!!

– from [redacted]

12) “When I did we exchanged nudes…”

Was on the Ashley Madison website when someone reached out to me and wanted to talk via the Signal app. When I did we exchanged nudes and the person than threatened to post them all over Facebook and other social media unless I paid $1,500.

13) “…asked for money in order not to publish it on social media.”

A woman under the name of [redacted] met on Ashley Madison (nickname [redacted] share her phone number then asked to join her on a video chat on Skype and then sent pictures of the recorded sexy video and asked for money in order not to publish it on social media. I immediately closed the connection and all the accounts and I did not share any details of my identity before. Her skype ID is Skype: [redcated]

14) “I was weak and did this because I have been alone for some time now.”

I was scammed into doing a Skype call there she started to undress so I showed my private parts because she said she was horny. But then I had to hang up the call. Then started to text me telling me all of family members info which I thought was confidential on Skype. She then threatened to email all of them the screen shot of me showing my privates unless I did her a favor. I was so scared I just deleted Skype and that account and also deleted the Ashley Madison account as well. I am going thru a divorce and I still love my wife and maybe wanted to work it out. I was weak and did this because I have been alone for some time now. I feel more broken hearted now. Cant trust anyone.

15) “Saying I was a child molester…”

Met on Ashley Madison was told to Skype asked to show myself and they made a poster with my picture saying I was a child molester then threatened me with showing family and friends.

16) “Consumer stated he sent $1,000 through PayPal…”

Consumer stated that he was on a dating website Ashley Madison, she recorded him and wanted money or post it online. Consumer stated she told him she was part of a modeling agency hired to do it. Consumer stated he sent $1,000 through PayPal and wanted $400 more to help her aunt. Consumer did not comply. Consumer is referred to IC3.GOV.

17) “…now they are trying to blackmail me.”

Met a person on an online dating site (Ashley Madison)…conversation transitioned to texting. We exchanged some explicit photos and now they are trying to blackmail me.

18) “I am single too.”

Went onto Ashley Madison and someone that was single messaged me so I messaged them back. I am single too. They shared a nude photo of them and then I shared one of myself. Then after that, they wanted money to not share to social media to people I know. I haven’t sent any money yet.

19) “She said I need to pay her $3,500 for deleting all videos and pictures.”

I was contacted by a girl on Ashley Madison website. She said she is married and looking for nsa fun. She gave me her email [redacted] and said she is from Atlantic, Iowa. We had nice conversation time to time, nothing sexually related, I sent her my pictures from the trip I had, not sexually related again. She never sent me any pictures. Then she asked me to go to Google chat and continue there. At some point she said she wanted to video chat with me. I agreed, but once we connected, she said she has surprise for me, took off her clothes and started masturbate right in front of the camera. Then she asked me to show her my intimate organ, which I did show. I had to finish this video chat early because I was in a bathroom in a public place. She insisted to continue. I refused. And after that she sent me screenshots from our video chat and threaten me she would send it to all my friends, family and relatives, to my work place and all over the social media. She said I need to pay her $3,500 for deleting all videos and pictures. And she gave me email address, connected to her PayPal account [redacted]. And her name was [redacted], which is probably fake.

20) “…said she was underage when her Ashley Madison profile claimed 20s.”

Pretended to be a love encounter on Ashley Madison website and eventually got me onto a Skype video session where the mutual masturbation was recorded and played back to me. The person threatened to spread it and said she was underage when her Ashley Madison profile claimed 20s.

21) “I blocked the first number…”

I was on the Ashley Madison dating site and received a message. We exchanged numbers to meet up for a fun night. We send each other images and am now being threatened with having my images and nude pics being shared. I blocked the first number [redacted] and now am being threatened with another number.

22) “A lady messaged me and told me she found out my wife’s name…”

[Redacted] signed up on a dating website called Ashley Madison. A lady messaged me and told me she found out my wives name, Facebook, and our home address and is demanding $2,000 or she was going to send the information from my profile to my wife. She claimed to me [redacted] and gave me these WhatsApp numbers [redacted] and [redacted].

23) “Then she threatened to send my nudes online and to all my friends.”

She claimed to be a 32 women. I meet her on Ashley Madison and than switched to Snapchat. Where she wanted to play around with me and she wanted to see my dick pictures. She acted interested in wanting to meet. Then she threatened to send my nudes online and to all my friends. Snapchat name was [redacted]. I reported her to Snapchat. Than she texted me threatening to send those nudes if I didn’t so what she wanted.

24) “I saw the contact list they threatened me with and the names looked legit at first…”

This was an account on a dating website Ashley Madison dating site, where we chatted and then did a Skype meeting where we were both naked. Then all of the sudden they started demanding that I pay them $2,000 or they were going to send out a recording of me naked to my contacts. I saw the contact list they threatened me with and the names looked legit at first so I attempted to send them $1000 with an app called Ramedy and using GCASH to someone named [redacted] at [redacted] – Reference is [redacted].

Did the same process with $500 but I think it failed but the reference was [redacted].

The scammer keeps calling me and I keep ignoring them if someone can get in touch with me ASAP [redacted].

25) “I have a feeling this isn’t going to stop…”

On 6/19 I met a woman named [redacted] on the Ashley Madison dating site. We exchanged phone numbers and she texted me. She asked me to download Skype so we could video chat. Once I did that I was recorded on Skype in a sexual compromising position. They showed me the recording and then a list of some of personal contacts. They said they would send the video to my contacts if I did not send them $1,500. They first attempted to receive payment through Western Union and PayPal but the the transactions were rejected. The only company that allowed the payment to through was Moneygram (who I also reported this information to). These are the names they gave me of the people to send the money to. [redacted] After I paid them they then asked for more money. I have a feeling this isn’t going to stop and I don’t know what to do.

26) “This is not true…”

Was on Ashley Madison and got a message from a scammer, all was normal till they kept asking for nude pics. I found a pic online and sent it to them then they said they’re gonna send it to people. I have both numbers that were used and they also said I was contacted a minor for sex. This is not true I have all the messages from this person and both numbers they used to contact me. They then said they would send it to people on my social media, here are the numbers they used: [redacted] and this one after I said this is a scam [redcated], they also stated I love this game babe, I have all the text messages they sent and the threats that they made.

27) “Scammer threatening to expose my nude pics and tell my wife…”

Online dating site. Scammer threatening to expose my nude pics and tell my wife about what I did unless I pay $2,000. Phone number is [recacted]. This occurred on Ashley Madison.




29) “She wanted money or would release my video to public…”

I was on dating site Ashley Madison and this so called 27 year old female with no picture contacted me first by text system. She suggested very quickly we leave and get onto Skype. I didn’t have Skype on my phone and did eventually install it after 30 minutes. Female texting me gave me her password [redacted] to get Skype working. but I never saw anyone on Skype for 10 minutes, she just kept texting me leading me down this road of destruction asking me to take my clothes off and she would do same. 5 minutes later a female in video came up on Skype for first time and we interacted for one minutes. Then text came up stating she wanted money or would release my video to public. I assume female was a fake video played back to me but i don’t know for sure. Didn’t seem real or in time with situation. Scammer did play back on Skype my part of video for me to see they had caught me on video. Scammers left two text on my cell phone. 1st [redacted], I tracked this down as landline in Independence Ohio, [redcacted] Co. Name came up briefly om my phone during this text and owners name was [redacted. 2nd [redacted] (owner) [redacted] at [redacted]. I never noticed a name come up while texting me. I did delete both from my cell phone but phone still keeps record of two deleted. I did delete Skype from my phone. I dont use the email address anymore. My research on address came from whitepages.com.

30) “The video was titled PERVERT MANIAC…”

Female individual impersonated an interested party in Ashley Madison app. Alias in app is unknown but it was something like [redacted], with no picture. Individual claimed to be a flight attendant. Individual shifted medium to standard texting. I later discovered this was to acquire my phone number. Individual used [redacted]. Individual then shifted medium to Hangouts app. It was later discovered this was to acquire my email address and record me in a compromising video. Individual used [redacted] account with Lady in Red as the username. Individual has brown shoulder length hair and operated phone and laptop to communicate. Individual then used their YouTube channel that starts Lady in the to initiate a new video to her channel. The video was titled PERVERT MANIAC and the description describes me as initiating contact with her, that she is only 15 and that the viewers should call the police on me. It included my name, phone number, email address and a screen capture of the video. The individual took a screen shot of the yet unsubmitted YouTube video and texted it to me on the Hangouts app and repeatedly threatened to post it to the internet for my friends and family unless I make a deal. It was at this time I ended all communication with the individual. I attempted to report the individual to Ashley Madison but her account was already deleted.

31) “I did purchase the gift cards”

I met a woman on Ashley Madison and foolishly gave her my phone number.

We began chatting using KIK and I sent compromising pictures of myself. The individual then showed me a compiled picture of those with a picture of my wife and her phone number and demanded $2,000 in Apple gift cards otherwise they would ruin my life.

In my haste, I did purchase the gift cards and sent the pictures to the individual. Not surprisingly, they then demanded $1,000 to delete the images from their hard drive. I told them Id have to wait until I was paid on 3 December to send the additional money, which is not true.

I have no intention of sending more money and I have begun locking down all social media sites, changing passwords, ordering new credit cards, etc.

I deleted the message with the phone number, but I can see about retrieving it if it will help.

Their Ashley Madison profile is/was: [redacted]. I have the Apple gift card numbers if that is helpful, too.

I can be reached via email at [redacted] if I can help in the investigation.

32) “Then she recorded my embarrassing conversations…”

I believe I am a victim of an organized crime network that is extorting people by invading their privacy.

This is the story: I got to know (yesterday, Nov 29, 2021) someone through a dating app (Ashley Madison) and gave her my number. We started texting and then she asked me to video call her through google hangout.

Then she recorded my embarrassing conversations with her and threatened to upload and send that video to my family and Facebook friends.

She claimed her name is [redacted] and she lives in Centreville, Virginia.

This is the fake number that she was using: [redacted].

Since then, I have deactivated my social media accounts but I am still concerned about the possibility of publishing that video online and sending its link to my friends and family.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

33) “I paid $200 but then they asked for more money”

I was sexting with someone I met on Ashley Madison website and then they turned the conversation around and told me if I didnt pay them money they were going to release the picture to my friends and family. I paid $200 but then they asked for more money to delete them because they needed more. I am trying to delay from paying more but they found some of my family on Facebook and are threatening to send them a message.

34) “I told them that I didn’t have that money”

A user contacted me through the app Ashley Madison we began a conversation through the app and I suggested we talk through email. Scammer suggested text so I agreed. She sent sensitive pictures and sent sensitive pictures back through text. We talked a little bit and the next day I received a text that said we got you now and they demanded $2,000 dollars or they would tell my wife and a whole list of my contacts. I told them that I didnt have that money and that they should proceed with the scam.

35) “Then she got into my Facebook account”

I contact a person that I met on Ashley Madison. She wanted to video skype me and then start asking me to show my self while recording the chat. Then she got into my Facebook account and began to tell me that she or he was going to upload my information to all my contacts on facebook if I did not send money to the email PayPal account.

36) “I made a deal and wired some money”

Member was on Ashley Madison. Emails were exchanged and then numbers. Photos were exchanged and then they threatened me that they would post them online. I made a deal and wired some money and said was deleted. Next day they text me saying they wanted more. I have not replied and I know its a scam. They are now using a second number to send photos that were not deleted.

37) “As a college student this can ruin my life”

They contacted me through Ashley Madison dating app and ask to Skype and then ask for my social media like Facebook and then threatened me to send it to my friend list. They appear to have recorded me while on Skype. I am really scared, as a college student this can ruin my life.

38) “To my continued shame I said I do not have that much money”

I subscribed to Ashley Madison, a dating site. Someone who claimed to be [redacted] on the site emailed me to invite them to hangouts on that app, the person showed the photo used on the Ashley Madison site. When I noticed the person wasn’t moving they said camera issues. they then invited me to start sexting, and being the foolish old man that i am, and to my great shame, I did. When I said your turn, they showed a video of me doing what they requested and said I would have to pay $1,500 or they would send it to all of my friends and relatives on Facebook.

To my continued shame I said I do not have that much money, so they asked how much I had, I said I had $689.55, so they said send $650 by wire transfer, I then asked if I did would that get me off the hook. They said it would. I sent the money via Western Union payable to [redacted], in the Philippines. When I told the person that I sent it, they knew that WU would call to verify that it wasn’t a scam and told me how to respond to the questions.

When they verified that the money had been picked up I asked if I was now off the hook, they then said no that they only agreed to my request to ensure I would send money. Then said, I would have until Friday June 4 to send the additional $850.

I feel certain that that will not stop and they will continue.

Can you help?

39) “Somehow she was able to get my Facebook profile”

While using a dating app (ashley madison) I was contacted by an user [redacted], we talked a little and then exchanged phone numbers. We started texting and then I was give her username to chat via Skype app. The username I was given was [redacted].

Then we talked using the Skype and and she video called me. I was recorded without my consent and then after the call she shared the screen and showed me what had been recorded. Somehow she was able to get my Facebook profile and screenshotted and picture of my Facebook page and copied my contacts.

I was told by this [redacted] not to ignore or block her texts, if not she would proceed to upload the video on the internet and send it to my family and friends if I didn’t pay her $800.

I wet to the police station because I kept getting texts blackmailing me with this and they gave me the FBI information to file a report. I was instructed not to respond to the texts.

the first text I received came from phone number [redacted] and when I stopped replying I got more texts from phone number [redated] stating that the video was going to be uploaded and distributed to my family and friends on Facebook to destroy my lie because I refused to send the money or reply to the text messages.

40) “I am totally fearful of this photo getting out and am losing my sanity”

I joined an adult chat site (Ashley Madison), and a person (named [redacted], or [redacted], according to them) contacted me wanting to chat. After coaxing me, they requested a nude photo with my face, and I reciprocated. They then threatened me with blackmail, saying they would send the photo to my Facebook friends, family, co-workers, and place of work, etc. They demanded that I send $500 to their sister [redacted] in the Philippines for their tuition, and they demanded it within a certain time frame or face the consequences of my family receiving the photo.

I conducted a total of two transactions: one on PayPal and the other through www.worldremit.com. They kept pushing me to send them $500 U.S. (roughly 23,000 Filipino pesos). I tried PayPal, which did not work immediately, and so they pressured me to send via worldremit.com. Hence, I sent a total of two transactions. I am waiting to be reinstated for one by PayPal. I have alerted PayPal to the fraud and am awaiting a ruling. The transaction through www.worldremit.com has processed ($500). They promised that they would not send the photo out to my acquaintances if I complied with this (basically extortion).

After sending the first round of money, they then asked for more (of course). I refused and have blocked them on Google Hangout, their phone number, and I plan to shut down the Ashley Madison account as well, though I have not reported this to them. I have reported the incident to the local police, the FBI (www.ic3.gov) and now here. I am totally fearful of this photo getting out and am losing my sanity. Please help. I’ve never been duped like this, but this was totally disarming.

41) “My husband discovered that they had made a fake profile”

My husband received texts threatening that they would call me and tell me that he was supposedly on a website called Ashley Madison if he didn’t send three $500 Apple gift cards to Long Dayz Transfer LLC. My husband discovered that they had made a fake profile on the Ashley Madison website about him and they also sent photos of the screen to him. They were using the phone number [redacted].

They then began calling and texting me and told me the same information but it was from the phone number [redacted]. My husband and I had already talked and knew that this was a scam all along. I looked up the business, which has a listed address about 45 miles north of where I live, that they said to send the gift cards to and I discovered that they had made a fake LinkedIn profile using my maiden name [redacted] where it lists me as the owner/administrator. I have contacted LinkedIn to remove the profile.

The individual on the phone did not provide their name or any other information to either of us.

42) “I never paid because I really don’t care if they spread the video.”

I was on Ashley Madison (note I am a single guy, not in a relationship) looking for some fun. Was contacted by someone by the user name of [redacted] claiming to be a 29 year old woman getting a divorce. They gave me a phone number of [redacted] and we texted. Then they wanted to do a Skype call in the nude. I fell for it. They called me, and there was a nude woman on the other end and I was nude too. They abruptly hung up after about a minute of this then texted me several times saying they would post my nude video all around the internet and send it to my friends and family if I did not pay ransom. I never paid because I really don’t care if they spread the video. I’m not ashamed of my body or about what I did and I can deal with a little humiliation if I have to, but I do want to protect others and help catch this scammer. Most people on Ashley Madison are married people looking to have an affair as you probably already know so I imagine its a great target for scammersblackmailers. I reported them to Ashley Madison and to Microsoft via the Skype app and I of course am contacting you. The Skype address of the person who contacted me is [redacted].

43) “…now saying that they’re 15 years old.”

We met on Ashley Madison, we exchanged emails then phone numbers. She said she was 24 through texts. Had a video chat on Skype and she recorded the video chat to threaten me with. I paid them $500 usd through PayPal to get them to leave me alone, they contacted me Monday 2/15 via text message demanding more money, now saying that they’re 15 years old.

44) “I know it’s BS…”

My father passed away quite some time ago and I control his email account now, I received a blackmail message from someone claiming to have information of him cheating on Ashley Madison, I know it’s BS because the user name is one of my personal user names and I did visit that sight when I went through a divorce so they have half of my information and somehow got half of my deceased fathers information.

45) “After a short while, she flashed my images back to me, posted contact information for people I knew”

Met a lady on a dating site (Ashley Madison) that claimed to be called [redacted]. She contacted me and we chatted over text (outside the website). She had me get on a video chat (Google Hangouts) at which point we got naked and played with ourselves. After a short while, she flashed my images back to me, posted contact information for people I knew (I assume from one of the data breaches) and told me I needed to send $1,000 to her or she would send the video to all my contacts. I got the PayPal address that the funds were to be sent to [redacted] and sent $1. This transaction has been reported to PayPal and hopefully it can be used against this ring of individuals.

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