Chase Rice Responds to Backlash to His Packed Concert, Tells Fans to Follow Rules at Next Show

Chase Rice is responding to the controversy over his packed concert in Tennessee over the weekend.

There were reportedly less than 1,000 people inside the venue at Chase‘s show, but video footage from the concert showed that attendees were not social distancing at all and they were standing shoulder-to-shoulder in front of the stage.

Fellow country music star Kelsea Ballerini is one of the many people who called out Chase for “being selfish enough” to put his fans’ health at risk just so he could perform a show.

Now, Chase is responding to the backlash and he says his next show will be a drive-in concert where he wants fans to follow social distancing rules.

“Everybody had a blast,” Chase said in a video on Instagram. “But then, once I posted the video, a lot of people seeing that online had a big problem with how the show looked, how the show went down.”

“;There”;s a lot of varying opinions, a lot of different opinions on COVID-19, how it works with live music crowds and what all that looks like,” Chase continued. “;My biggest thing is y”;all. Y”;all are why I get to write songs. Y”;all are why I get to tour the country, why I get to do live shows and sing these songs to you guys and you guys sing them back. You guys are everything to me, so your safety is a huge, huge priority.”;

Chase revealed the rules for his upcoming show on July 3 in Kentucky.

“;You can take your trucks, take your cars. You have your own space, you can get out of your cars, you can get out of your trucks and party with me,”; he said. “;Please do sing the songs, but stay in your own space, stay with the people you came with.”;

Earlier this year, Chase was mixed up in a controversy with the latest season of The Bachelor.

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