Jay Cutler Spent Thanksgiving With Carrie Underwood & Mike Fisher

Jay Cutler Spent Thanksgiving With Carrie Underwood & Mike Fisher

Jay Cutler Spent Thanksgiving With Carrie Underwood & Mike Fisher

Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher had a special patron over for their Thanksgiving holiday- Jay Cutler!

The 37 -year-old musician and her onetime hockey player husband welcomed Jay into their home for the festivity the coming week, and he even introduced the turkey.

” Couldn’t be with the fam this year, but we feasted nontheless !” Carrie shared on her Instagram.” I worked hard and our paunches are stuffed !”

She computed,” Shoutout to @ ifjayhadinstagram for the goose, which I did not try( I’m a Tofurky kind of girl) but was told it was yummy! Happy Thanksgiving everyone! [?][?][?].”

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Jay added on his own accounting:” We had it all. And when I say we, I make @carrieunderwood and @mfisher1212. I watched a large turkey cook in a barrel of lubricant. Carrie and Mike had enough for 20 people. Hope everyone had a great Turkey day .”

The original schedule was reportedly for Jay’s ex Kristin Cavallari to deplete the festivity with him and their three children. However, it doesn’t look like that happened.

Kristin had has spoken about the feast and how she would be handling all the sides while “hes taking” on the goose. Nonetheless, she spent the day with friends instead.

In their divorce agreement, he would get Thanksgiving with their minors on even years.

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Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds Donate $500K To Support Homeless & Trafficked Youth Across Canada

Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds Donate $500K To Support Homeless & Trafficked Youth Across Canada

Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds Donate $500K To Support Homeless & Trafficked Youth Across Canada

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are in the passing humor this anniversary season and granting back to a crusade close to their hearts.

It was just revealed that the celeb duet have gifted $500,000 to Covenant House in Vancouver, and their diverge in Toronto.

“In an incredible act of kindness and generosity, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are donating $250,000 to Covenant House Vancouver and $250,000 to Covenant House Toronto to support homeless, at-risk, and trafficked adolescent across the nation, ” the organization revealed on Twitter this afternoon.

Covenant House aims to support homeless, at-risk and trafficked youth in all regions of the country.

This isn’t the first time this year that Ryan and Blake have gifted to.

Blake and Ryan first donated$ 1 million dollars towards coronavirus easing early on in the pandemic, and most recently, threw $200,000 towards the NAACP.

“We’ve been educating our children differently than they way our mothers taught us. We want to educate ourselves about other people’s events and talk to our adolescents about everything, all of it…especially our own complicity ,” the couple wrote about their donation to the latter, following the protests against systemic racism.” We talk about our bias, blindness and our own mistakes. We looked at and see so many mistakes which have led us to seriously examine who we are and who we want to become. They’ve conducted us to huge boulevards of education. We’re committed to raising our teenagers so they never grow up feeding this insane pattern and so they’ll do their best to never inflict pain on another being consciously or unconsciously .”

If you missed it, this iconic on-screen couple will be reuniting to play Ryan’s mothers in a brand-new movie. See who here !

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Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade 2020 – Balloon Lineup Revealed!

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade 2020 – Balloon Lineup Revealed!

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade 2020 - Balloon Lineup Revealed!

The 2020 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is happening today( November 26) and we have the full list of balloons that you can expect to see this year!

Things are going to be a lot different than ordinary this time around due the pandemic and witness won’t be allowed to direction wall street to watch the bags and hovers rally down Broadway.

Instead of the normal 2.5 -mile parade route, the event will be held only in Herald Square on 34 th Street, right outside of the flagship Macy’s store.

Some new balloons will be debuted this year, including The Boss Baby and Red Titan from Ryan’s World.

Make sure to check out the full list of performers appearing during the event!

Click inside to see the full list of bags in the procession …

Giant Balloons

Astronaut Snoopy( Peanuts Worldwide)- 2nd occasion

The Boss Baby( DreamWorks Animation and Universal Studios)- 1st occasion

Diary of a Wimpy Kid( Abrams Children’s Books)- 5th season

Sinclair’s DINO( Sinclair Oil Corporation)- 6th term

The Elf on the Shelf( The Lumistella Company)- 9th era

Chase from PAW Patrol( Spin Master and Nickelodeon)- 4th hour

Pikachu( The Pokemon Company International)- 7th meter

Pillsbury Doughboy( Pillsbury)- 7th era

Red Titan from Ryan’s World( Sunlight Entertainment and Pocket.Watch)- 1st hour

Ronald McDonald( McDonald’s)- 6th term

SpongeBob SquarePants& Gary( Nickelodeon)- 2nd meter

Trolls( DreamWorks Animation)- 5th time

Heritage Balloons

Love Flies Up to the Sky( Yayoi Kusama)- 2nd meter

Fleck, Bjorn Jojo and Hugg( Netflix)- 2nd meter

Smokey Bear( United State Department of Agriculture- Forest Service)- 2nd hour

The Nutcracker( Universal Orlando Resort)- 3rd time

Novelty Balloons

Opening Macy’s Stars- 3rd term

Red ” Believe ” Stars- 5th time


Baby DINOs- 3rd epoch( Sinclair Oil Corporation)

Go Bowling- 3rd epoch( Go Bowling.com)


Big Turkey Spectacular( Jennie-O)- 1st time

Blue’s Evidences& You!( Nickelodeon)- 2nd era

The Brick-Changer( The LEGO Group)- 2nd term

Central Park( Delta Air Lines)- 11 th duration

Christmas in Town Square( Lifetime)- 1st era

Cruising Cupcakes( Macy’s)- 1st experience

Elf Pet( The Lumistella Company)- 3rd occasion

Everyone’s Favorite Bake Shop( Entenmann’s)- 4th experience

Harvest in the Valley( Green Giant)- 4th day

Heartwarming Holiday Countdown( Hallmark Channel)- 6th meter

Home Sweet Home( Cracker Barrel)- 2nd experience

Mount Rushmore’s American Pride( South Dakota Office of Tourism)- 11 th occasion

Her Future is STEM-sational( Olay)- 1st day

Rexy in the City( Coach)- 2nd season

Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles( Nickelodeon)- 3rd go

Santa’s Sleigh( Macy’s)- 12 th hour

Splashing Safari Adventure( Kalahari Resorts& Conventions)- 3rd hour

Tom& Jerry’s Tourist Trap( Warner Bros. Pictures)- 1st term

Tom Turkey( Macy’s)- 3rd season

Toy House of Marvelous Milestones( New York Life)- 2nd time

Specialty Units

Big Red Shoe Car( McDonald’s)- 21 st term

”Give. Love. Believe.” Banner( Macy’s)- 1st time

Toy Floats

Rocking Flamingo( Macy’s)- 4th season

Rocking Giraffe( Macy’s)- 11 th occasion

Rocking Horse( Macy’s)- 64 th meter

Rocking Lobster( Macy’s)- 31 st period

Rocking Moose( Macy’s)- 5th time

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Study: Diabetics on Statins More Likely to Die From COVID

Study: Diabetics on Statins More Likely to Die From COVID

Type 2 diabetes is a risk factor for severe COVID-19 disease, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.1 And, it is clear that people with diabetes have a much higher risk of death within the first week of hospitalization for COVID-19 than people without diabetes.2 However, recent data from two different studies analyzing the association between statin use, diabetes and severity of disease with COVID-19 have found conflicting results.3

Researchers believe there is a relationship between statins, diabetes and an increased risk of severe disease from COVID-19. But there was a relationship between the drug and the health condition that predates the current pandemic.

Statin drugs are one of the most prescribed medications.4 According to a study in JAMA Cardiology, the number of people using statins jumped from 21.8 million in 2002-2003 to 39.2 million in 2012-2013, the most current data available.5 Annual prescriptions rose from 134 million to 221 million during the same time, which represented a 64.9% increase.

According to the American Diabetes Association, the prevalence of diabetes in the U.S. in 2018 was 10.5% of the population or 34.2 million people.6 In this group, 26.8 million had a diagnosis of diabetes and 7.3 million were as yet undiagnosed. Every year, 1.5 million more people are diagnosed with diabetes.

The numbers are overwhelming and it’s likely you know someone who has diabetes, takes statin drugs or both. Thankfully there are ways to help reduce or eliminate your use of medication and subsequently lower your risk of severe disease from SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

Statin Use by Diabetics With COVID-19 Raises Mortality Rate

From the beginning of the pandemic, experts have recognized there were groups of individuals who had a higher risk of experiencing severe disease and death. The CDC maintains a list of health conditions that increase a person’s risk that includes obesity, Type 2 diabetes and heart conditions.7

Many of these health conditions are also risk factors for other infectious diseases as they significantly impact your immune response. In March 2020, a group of scientists from Nantes University Hospital in France listed a study on Clinical Trials called COVID-19 and Diabetes Outcomes (CORONADO), to measure the prevalence of severe COVID-19 in hospitalized patients who had diabetes.8

The study included children, adults and older adults. Initial results were published in Diabetes and Metabolism,9 in which researchers analyzed data gathered from participants in 68 hospitals in France with the primary outcome of intubation or death within seven days or 28 days of admission.

The researchers analyzed 2,449 patients with Type 2 diabetes, of whom 48.7% were using statins before they were admitted to the hospital. Without adjustment of confounding factors, patients who were taking statins had similar primary outcome measures to those who did not take statins.

However, the data also showed that mortality rates were significantly higher within seven days and 28 days compared to people who were not using statins. The researchers acknowledged those taking the drug were older, more frequently male and often had more comorbidities, including high blood pressure, heart failure and complications of diabetes.

They found the results surprising since other observational studies had found a potentially beneficial effect of statin medications in people who had COVID-19. They wrote a potential explanation was their focus on people with a known risk factor for severe disease, Type 2 diabetes.

Additionally, patients in the CORONADO study who were taking statin medications had a higher number of comorbidities than nonusers. However, despite the limitations, the researchers found enough evidence in the over 2,400 participants to conclude:10

“… our present results do not support the hypothesis of a protective role of routine statin use against COVID-19, at least not in hospitalized patients with T2DM (Type 2 diabetes mellitus).

Indeed, the potentially deleterious effects of routine statin treatment on COVID-19-related mortality demands further investigation and, as recently highlighted, only appropriately designed and powered randomized controlled trials will be able to properly address this important issue.”

Statins, Diabetes and COVID-19

On the other hand, a second observational study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association found results that were similar to past studies, linking statins with lower mortality in people hospitalized with COVID-19.11

While the two studies appear to find contradictory evidence, Dr. Daniel Drucker from Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto, commented that it was not uncommon for data to reveal different results in observational studies, making it a challenge to find meaningful, causal inferences.12

The second study,13 led by Dr. Omar Saeed from Montefiore Medical Center in New York, gathered data from 4,252 patients with a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19. In this study, only 53% had diabetes and 32% had been treated with statins, as compared to 100% of patients in the CORONADO study who had diabetes.

The data from Saeed’s study showed patients taking statins had a 23% chance of dying in the hospital, versus 27% in those who were not taking statins. The data also showed people with diabetes who had been taking statins had a 24% chance of mortality versus 39% in diabetics who were not taking statins.

Data from the CORONADO study published earlier in the year14 revealed 10% of people with diabetes who were hospitalized with COVID-19 died within a week and nearly 33% required mechanical ventilation. The data showed an individual’s:15

“… body mass index (BMI) was independently associated with death or intubation at 7 days, while A1c and use of renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system (RAAS) blockers and dipeptidyl peptidase-4 inhibitors were not.”

The scientists in the CORONADO study were encouraged by the fact there were no deaths in people with Type 1 diabetes who were under the age of 65. One scientist from the team, Dr. Samy Hadjadj, spoke with Medscape Medical News about the results, saying:16

“Before the CORONADO study it was ‘all diabetes [patients] are the same.’ Now we can surely consider more precisely the risk, taking age, sex, BMI, complications, and [obstructive sleep apnea] as clear ‘very high-risk situations.'” 

He further cautioned:

“… even in diabetes, each increase in BMI is associated with an increase in the risk of intubation and/or death in the 7 days following admission for COVID-19. So let’s target this population as a really important population to keep social distancing and stay alert on avoiding the virus.”

Statins Are a Waste of Money and Resources

Whether statins raise the risk of mortality in severe COVID-19 or not, they do not protect you against cardiovascular disease as intended and do increase your risk of other negative health conditions. Since there are strategies you can use at home to reduce your risk of severe disease and protect your health, it is typically unnecessary and likely dangerous to seek out statin drugs.

In 2014, Maryanne Demasi, Ph.D., produced a documentary, “Heart of The Matter: Dietary Villains.”17 The film exposed the cholesterol and saturated fat myth that Big Pharma uses to bolster the prescription rate of statin medications and the financial links that support the pharmaceutical industry.

Ultimately, ABC TV expunged the documentary under pressure from Australian Heart Foundation and the Cholesterol Treatment Trialists Collaboration (CTT).18 ABC stopped Demasi from writing opinion pieces, talking to journalists or going to medical conferences. By 2016, she and her colleagues were out of a job.

Although cholesterol and saturated fat have been the villains of heart disease for four decades, studies do not support the claim. Since the release of the documentary, the evidence against statins and the theory that cholesterol is the foundation of heart disease has only continued to grow.

In a recent scientific review of the literature in the journal BMJ Evidence-Based Medicine, researchers found lowering LDL cholesterol does not lower your risk of heart disease and stroke, writing: “Decades of research have failed to show any consistent benefit for this approach.”19 In other words, billions of dollars are spent on medications that are ineffective and potentially harmful.

Since the commercialization of statin drugs in the late ’80s (lovastatin was the first one that gained approval in 1987),20 total sales have reached nearly $1 trillion.21,22 Lipitor — which is just one of several brand name statin drugs — was named the most profitable drug in the history of medicine to date.23,24

Yet these drugs have done nothing to derail the rising trend of heart disease, which remains the leading cause of death.25 The BMJ study authors argue that since dozens of randomized controlled trials looking at LDL-cholesterol reduction “have failed to demonstrate a consistent benefit, we should question the validity of this theory,”26 going on to say:

“In most fields of science the existence of contradictory evidence usually leads to a paradigm shift or modification of the theory in question, but in this case the contradictory evidence has been largely ignored, simply because it doesn’t fit the prevailing paradigm.”

They concluded:27

“The negative results of numerous cholesterol lowering randomised controlled trials call into question the validity of using low density lipoprotein cholesterol as a surrogate target for the prevention of cardiovascular disease.”

Statins Sabotage Your Health and Raise Diabetes Risk

In addition to not being helpful in preventing or delaying heart attacks and strokes, statins are dangerous to your long-term health. A stunning review of statin trials published in 2015 found that in primary prevention, the median postponement of death in those taking statins was a mere 3.2 days.28

As damaging, the study found in those using statins for secondary prevention to reduce the risk of second heart attack, the median postponement of death was 4.1 days. While taking a pill to potentially extend life by three to four days already seems questionable, those taking statins are also at increased risk for the following, adding even more controversy to their use:


Dementia, neurodegenerative diseases and psychiatric problems such as depression, anxiety and aggression32,33

Musculoskeletal disorders34



Heart disease37

Liver damage38

Consider Making Dietary and Lifestyle Changes

Using simple strategies at home may help normalize your cholesterol and blood sugar levels. I believe a total cholesterol measurement has little benefit in evaluating your risk for heart disease, unless the total number is over 300.

In some instances, high cholesterol may indicate a problem when your LDL or triglycerides are high, and your HDL is low. You’ll be better able to evaluate your risk by looking at the two ratios below, in combination with other lifestyle factors such as iron level and diet.

HDL/Cholesterol ratio — Divide your HDL level by your cholesterol. This ratio should ideally be above 24%
Triglyceride/HDL ratio — Divide your triglyceride level by your HDL. This ratio should ideally be below 239

You may lower your risk of heart disease by following suggestions that affect your lifestyle and exposure to environmental toxins. In my article, “Cholesterol Managers Want to Double Statin Prescriptions,” I share a list to help minimize your toxic exposure and improve your body’s ability to maintain good heart health.

Additionally, in my article “Nearly Half of American Adults Have Cardiovascular Disease,” I summarize further strategies to improve microcirculation in your heart. I also talk about mitochondrial function and insulin resistance, which are related to strong heart health.

It is difficult to control Type 2 diabetes when you rely strictly on medication and do not change the underlying lifestyle factors that have caused the problem. If properly addressed, Type 2 diabetes can be entirely reversible in most people.

The reason is because Type 2 diabetes is a diet-derived condition rooted in insulin resistance and faulty leptin signaling. Because of this it can effectively be treated and reversed through dietary and lifestyle means. I discuss this further, with suggestions for changes, in “Diabetes Can Increase Complications of COVID-19.”

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Jennifer Lopez Bundles Up For Family Dinner After Showing Support for ‘Selena The Series’

Jennifer Lopez Bundles Up For Family Dinner After Showing Support for ‘Selena The Series’

Jennifer Lopez Bundles Up For Family Dinner After Showing Support for 'Selena The Series'

Jennifer Lopez steps out in a stylish warm coating in New York City on Tuesday night( November 24 ).

The 51 -year-old actress and singer accompanied alongside fiance, Alex Rodriguez, and followed their own children, Max and Emme( not drawn ), as they thoughts out for a family dinner at a regional eatery in the area.

Just the darknes before, Jennifer and Alex were determined at the Saks Fifth Avenue Holiday Window unveiling. See the pics now !

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer just recently opened up about her commotion for Netflix’s Selena: The Series.

” Guys, I don’t know if you’ve heard about this new Selena series on Netflix ,” she shared in a video on Instagram.” Playing Selena was kind of a landmark instant in my busines. And I was so excited when I investigate the trailer and been talking about it .”

Jennifer added,” It’s a great way for this generation to get to know Selena. I enjoy Selena, she was such a big part of my life and my busines. And I can’t wait to see it !”

Selena: The Serial will premiere on December 4.

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‘Drew Barrymore Show’ Faces Backlash After Performing Wedding for Teacher & His Alleged Former Student

‘Drew Barrymore Show’ Faces Backlash After Performing Wedding for Teacher & His Alleged Former Student

'Drew Barrymore Show' Faces Backlash After Performing Wedding for Teacher & His Alleged Former Student

The Drew Barrymore Show is under fire for the dream marriage they propel on the demo for a frontline nurse reputation Selina and a high school teacher mentioned Dan. Their wedding was shelved due to the Coronaviruspandemic.

However, many are pointing out in the statements of the YouTube video that Dan was actually Selina’s teacher in “schools ” and allege the relations between the two countries began when she was underage.

Comments on the YouTube page include,” It would be a great story if it was actually true. They converged’ in school’ because she was his student. The reciprocal friends was the physics class he taught .”

” Wow,’ We met in school through reciprocal friends’ is a very creative way of saying your relationship started when he was your professor in “schools “. Could CBS not find a pair whose rapport didn’t begin completely inappropriately? I only hope he’s more observant of his wedlock swears than he was of the law when he started dating her ….” another commenter computed.

Some observes on the Instagram include,” Oh so we’re just letting people know grooming children is ok? Really surprising considering what the host has experienced in their own life. Thanks for endangering numerous children around your picture! Good job everyone !” and” He groomed her. She was a minor and he was a teacher .”

Check out the segment below…

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