Cameron Diaz Explains Why She Has No Plans to Return to Acting

Cameron Diaz hasn’t appeared in a movie since 2014′ s Annie and now she’s opening up about why she has no plans to return to acting.

The 48 -year-old entertainer has been focused on her personal lifetime ever since marrying Benji Madden in January 2015. The couple welcomed their daughter Raddix into the world in December 2019.

In her professional life, Cameron is now focused on her successful organic wine label Avaline, which she propelled last year with business partner Katherine Power.

” Avaline is the only kind of day-to-day slog that I’m doing other than, you are well aware, being a wife and a mother, which has been the most … fulfilling. That’s what it is. It genuinely has been the most fulfilling part of my life so far. I just like so important. Like it’s, I only feel like it’s, it’s everything that, you know, I probably somehow waited for this so that I could do all that other stuff. So I didn’t have any distractions, you know what I symbolize ?” Cameron said on SiriusXM’s Quarantined with Bruce show.

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Cameron than discussed her onetime impersonate profession and why she has no plans to return to it.

Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden

” I’m never “re going to say” never about anything in life. I’m time not such person or persons, So will I ever make a movie again? I’m not looking to, but will I? I don’t know. I have no idea. Maybe, never say never ,” Cameron said.

She continued,” But I couldn’t imagine like being a mom now where I’m at as a mother with my child at her first year to have to be on a movie located that takes 14 hours, 16 hours of my epoch away from my child. I just couldn’t. I personally feel like that wasn’t the mom that, I wouldn’t have been the mama that I am now had I chosen to do that at any other time in my life .”

Cameron also expressed sympathy for mothers who don’t have the ability to stay home from drive and be with their kids.

” I feel for so many mothers who can’t, that have to go to work, you know, whatever they’re doing, I feel so much for them and for their children and for all of that, but it does actually take a village ,” she said.” And that’s the thing that, you are well aware, there’s so many, I entail, let’s, if we divulge it open to where we’re at currently, all that, I simply feel so blest that I get to be here now with my child and, you are well aware, get to be the mother that I get to be. It’s such a anointing it’s completely privileged and, I’m just really, really grateful .”

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