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Blossom – Health , Beauty, & Friendship For Women

What is Blossom? Blossom is a custom subscription service that gives you everything you need for when you “start” and everything you would ever want in beauty products.
Blossom will allow every subscriber to create their own custom combination of 40 tampons, pads, and liners.
At the same time Blossom also allows every subscriber to also sample a custom beauty experience using the top ranked beauty products in the world –Names like Oscar Blandi, Lancome, Shave Works, Pur, and Elizabeth Arden.
Think about it. Always being prepared. Never running out of the hygiene products you use. Never having a bunch of extra products lying around that you won’t use. Always getting to try out the world’s best beauty products available. Like having a spa experience in the comfort of your own home.
Blossom is also a company designed to help women everywhere. And as a part of helping women we are giving back to the community too. 10% of all of Blossom’s profits are being donated to battered women’s shelters across the nation. When women have the courage to make changes for the better, Blossom will be there to support them. And you will be supporting them too with every package you receive from Blossom.

Blossom believes in health, beauty, and friendship — everything women are about!

We need at least 15 thousand of you to contribute to this project. For us, it is the number of contributors which count, not how much you contribute. If that many of you are willing to help, then it proves Blossom is a great idea and is guaranteed to succeed as a company on a national level.
After you contribute we are asking you to tell your friends about Blossom and send them the link to this video too so they can contribute as well. There is no greater form of advertising than your personal recommendations.
Finally, check out our Facebook page (Blossom), like us, and follow all of the exciting developments as Blossom becomes reality in fulfilling women’s needs and desires.
Thank you for taking the time to watch this video and contribute. And when your friends ask you why you are in such a good mood, just ask them, “Have you Blossomed yet?”



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