Hi, fellow devotees! I’m Maikel Ortega, and I wield as a game designer on Blasphemous. Our team is beyond provoked after this opening, and I wanted to take this chance to explain some chips about our first DLC, a huge free update announced The Stir of Dawn.

The Stir of Dawn contributes new material, sport procedures, life expanses, NPCs, bosses, quality of life modifies, equilibrium changes, and a lot more! Many concludes to start a new pilgrimage or continue your travels through the barren lands of Cvstodia.

Blasphemous: The Stir of Dawn

Challenge Yourself to True Torment Mode

After finishing the main game, you will now be able to Ascend into our New Game+ state: True Torment. This symbolizes starting a brand-new playthrough from the beginning, restraining all your unlocked skills, and equippable pieces such as Rosary Beads, Sword Hearts and Prayers. And you will need them! The difficulty has been carefully rebalanced to offer a greater challenge. Foe will be tougher and much more deadly, so fully used of your arsenal is a must if you want to survive the True Torment.

Choose your Penitence!

A new altar can be found at the very beginning of a True Torment run, granting ex-serviceman participates to further challenge themselves with our Penitence System. They will action you to play the game with different programmes, but completing these will unlock permanent compensations 😛 TAGEND

The Penitence of the Bleeding Heart is our homage to classic 8-bit claims like Castlevania where we have ousted the Penitent One’s lifebar with Health Orbs. Every punched you make will expend one orb, and to keep things interesting, all opponents will respawn every time you come back to an neighbourhood. So you will really need to learn their decorations if you want to stay alive!

Blasphemous: The Stir of Dawn

The Penitence of the Unwavering Faith severely fades your regular affects with Mea Culpa, but includes constant Fervour regeneration! Petitions and cleverness will be your main source of damage, so proposal your build accordingly, and prefer relevant Rosary Beads and Sword Middle!

And the final is the Penitence of the True Guilt — by far the most punishing of the three. Choosing this Penitence will change your Bile Flasks into Azure Flasks where they will no longer replenish your health, but your fervor instead. And continuing yourself out of harm’s way is a must in this run, as you will lose all your Guilt Fragments and Tears of Atonement with a single fatality! Find a Confessor Statue, or retrieve your Fragment, or you will lose all those hard-earned weepings too! Only true-blue captains of Blasphemous’ combat will be able to rise to this challenge.

Blasphemous: The Stir of Dawn

The Amanecidas Rise Again

Ancient souls, birth and forgotten centuries ago, will wake up from the innards of Cvstodia and try to stop The Penitent One. Find Jibrael, their harbinger, during a True Torment run, and follow his instructions to challenge these gilded wardens of the Miracle. This new storyline includes five completely new boss crusades, harder than any other you’ve faced before in Blasphemous.

Blasphemous: The Stir of Dawn

Changes to the Core Game

Playing in True Torment is not required to enjoy all the brand-new material though! We redesigned the map screen, improving the experience of exploring the dark areas of Cvstodia. And well, we supplemented quite a few more of those dark recess very! New shortcuts, new areas, additional deflection details and NPCs have been added throughout the world, and we improved the level art in many of the existing countries. And, as requested by many of our musicians from all around the world, we have added full Spanish VO, recorded by top notch articulate actors and actresses. Our game is heavily inspired by our culture, so this was a no-brainer!

Blasphemous: The Stir of DawnBlasphemous: The Stir of Dawn

Concept art

Balance Revisited

As a game designer, punishment carolling the experience you players will face in our game is always our main priority. This is why we took our time to create a gratify True Torment mode, but too revisited the base activity! Piles of Prayers, Rosary Beads, and even player knowledge have been revisited, nippped, and, in some cases, made some pretty big changes. Summon an infantry of Cherubs with the improved Campanilleros Prayer, or daze your foes with a perfectly timed Sacred Onslaught to the face, leaving them open for a shocking implementation. And yes, we likewise supplemented a assortment more of those very!

If you’re brand-new to Blasphemous, or a ex-serviceman devotee, I’m sure you will deeply experience your travellings to the updated world of Cvstodia. Sorrowful be the heart.

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