Bill Whitaker Details What It's Really Like To Guest Host 'Jeopardy!' Ahead Of Debut

Bill Whitaker was in accordance with take over the podium on Jeopardy ! tonight( May 3 ), for the first of his two week stint on the favourite trivia show as guest host.

The 69 -year-old CBS Correspondent chatted with the Washington Post ahead of the premiere escapade and opened up about what went into guest hosting the program.

“I work in television news, which is a totally different animal. I’m used to talking to one camera, ” he shared with the paper. “Here, “youve had”, I picture, four cameras — one lunges in from the side, you talk to that one at the end of one commercial, and then lunges to another one you have to talk to after a business, and then the contestants are over on the other side. The thing that I was most surprised about was just how fast-paced it is.”

Bill revealed that he only had one day to practise for his appearance, ahead of filming.

“I probably could have abused two, ” he admits, and added that he instantly picked up on the rectify Jeopardy! lingo: players pay “responses, ” not answers, and hosts say a response is “incorrect” instead of wrong.

Bill added that there were a” couple of seasons I had to pinch myself to say,’ Oh my gosh! Look where I am. This is crazy ‘. It glances just like it gazes on tv. You’re not watching on the box, you’re actually there. The big screen and the questions and the platforms with the patrons and the directors and the producers and the whole thing. It is quite surreal.”

“It becomes easier, present by establish, ” he shared about hosting. “Around show seven, I was like,’ I mull I’ve get this! ’ I was feeling a little bit more pleasant. Then you’ve came support eight, nine, 10 and you’re out.”

Like with guest multitudes in the past few weeks, Jeopardy will be donating to a donation of Bill’s select, in an equal amount to the cumulative winnings of the players that compete while they’re hosting.

He has chosen the Media Fellowship House, which is a non-partisan interracial and interfaith organization based in Media, Pennsylvania. The house has been used to hold programs for children and senior citizens, and also host civics groups and civil rights activities.

Jeopardy! breaths weekdays. Check your regional registers for experiences and channels.

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