Bill Clinton Reveals Children in the White House Are Taught Where to Hide in the Event of Danger

Bill Clinton is looking back at his experience in the White House.

The former President appeared on Good Morning America on Monday( June 7) alongside generator James Patterson ahead of the release of their volume,” The President’s Daughter”, which centers on a fiction ex-President who attempts to save his daughter from a terrorist after she is kidnapped.

The pair discussed what constituents from the romance draw from Bill’s time in the White House and how he told his daughter Chelseaabout the subject matter of the book.

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When asked about a moment from the book where the fictional president’s daughter recalls what she was instructed to do if someone tried to abduct her, Bill explained that was based on what first children learn when they begin living in the White House.

” For sample, there’s a hiding place or two in the White House and if you have young kids, you have to tell them where it is and where they’re supposed to go ,” he said.

Bill then further clarified his comments in an interview with People, adding that after the events of September 11, he annoyed for Chelsea Clinton’s safety.

” We did get insurance for her, pate by a former Secret Service agent, for quite a while after 9/11 ,” he said.” I was really worried then .”

” In New York, parties could see it up close, because the paparazzi were here all the time and she was being followed around, but we did, for several months, we got her protection … We tried to do the best we could to whatever point she felt pleasant, and if she didn’t want it anymore, we didn’t do it, but she was an adult and she knows how realize the decision ,” Bill said.” But she realized that she was at some risk for a couple of years after 9/11.”

” At the time we wrote the book, I thought we were probably past the danger stage ,” he shared. Regardless, he still passed the idea for the book past Chelsea and assured her that the character wouldn’t be based on her.

” I talked her through it all, because I told[ James Patterson ], I said,’ I like this book, but I don’t want to lose my family over it ,'” he said.” She got comfortable with it and it made a lot easier for me to go forward .”

Last year, it was revealed another programme from James Patterson and Bill Clinton would not be moving forward.