John from http :// participate with you the cheapest and best gardening trellis you can buy for your square foot garden-variety/ created bunked garden, to make an arch trellis or inexpensive metal fencing to keep swine out and haul this 16 -foot long panel in your compact car.

In this episode, you will learn the problem John has had in his summer garden-variety: Overgrowth of Purple Sweet Potato Vines and why his bird-dog has been pee-pee in the house.

You will learn the solution that John will implement to solve the above issue: buying 16 -foot long cattle boards aka capital boards so he can create arches in his plot that they are able to direct his sweet potato vine up the trellis and regain his walkway so hopefully his puppy will stop peeing in the house.

You will go on a trip to the Local Tractor Supply so you can learn the best place the buy cattle panels near you. you will learn about the different sizes and rates that are available.

You will then see John laden them onto his Compact Car that is SHORTER than the 16 ‘ long cattle bodies on his pulpit carrier on his hitch.

You will then learn if there were any problems transporting them in this way.

Finally, you are able to discover how John will secure these cow bodies in place to build arches in his plot without working T-posts or Rebar Stakes that are commonly used.

After watching this incident, you will learn the best cattle panels money can buy and how to haul them even though they are you don’t have a Truck or SUV.

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