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Best Outdoor Paint for Murals, Furniture, and More – ARTnews.com

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Rusty lawn chairs and peeling deck paint can ruin the vibe of any outdoor hangout. Fortunately, you can easily refresh these old surfaces with a good coat of paint. When choosing a product, you should consider not only the surface material but also what kind of weather it is exposed to, from UV light to humidity. Overwhelmed by your options? We’ve scoured the market to find the best outdoor paints for all kinds of projects.

1. Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch Ultra Cover

Easy to apply, fast-drying, and protective, Rust-Oleum’s product can get almost any job done, and it’s available at an affordable price point. The latex formula can be used to update furniture (once sanded and primed properly), exterior details like window frames and trim, and much more. It’s not the best paint for quick fixes, as you have to apply two to three coats, but the results are heavy duty and will effectively fight rust, chipping, and fading from the sun.

2. FolkArt Outdoor Paint

Available in striking, bright colors from a sunny yellow to a lawn green, this paint is ideal for creating custom outdoor decor. It’s very easy to apply to small areas and to render detail on objects such as rocks, birdhouses, mailboxes, and planters. You can even use this paint to decorate a welcome mat. It dries with a subtle gloss and can tolerate heavy rain or shine.

3. Majic Paints Diamond Hard RePurpose

Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, this acrylic enamel paint excels at reinvigorating wood and metal furniture. It can be used on a variety of other surfaces as well, such as brick, tile, and masonry, and dries to a semigloss finish that is scratch resistant. It saves you time as you don’t have to prime or sand surfaces before painting them, and the formula is self-leveling to minimize brushstrokes in the topcoat. Once dry, it leaves you with a modern finish that will remain in good shape for years.

4. Chroma Mural Paint

This bold paint is formulated for wall paintings and can be used both indoors and out. No preparation is needed, and the colors are super easy to mix. With more than 20 to choose from, you’ll be able to paint the rainbow. This paint has a high pigment load that is evident on surfaces from wood to concrete. It is water resistant and, importantly, lightfast for long-lasting results, but it’s never a bad idea to seal your murals with a protective coat to shield it from UV light and other outdoor elements.

5. KILZ Siding, Fence & Barn Paint

This white paint is designed for outdoor structures that are under constant exposure to the elements; it’s able to tolerate sun, rain, wind, and other forces. It provides excellent coverage, with just one or two coats needed, so it’s a perfect option for large projects such as decks, porches, sheds, railings, fences, and patios. While you don’t need to apply a primer first, we recommend using one to achieve the best and longest-lasting results. This paint dries to a very flat matte and is highly resistant to peeling and chipping.

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