Sole is excellent for balancing the pH environment of your body. Has a number of other uses including nasal flushing, gargling, body scrub and more. Sole means fluid sunlight or fluid light energy. Comes in Amazing Health branded packet. Salt is imported from salt mines in the Himalayas, our salt is of the finest quality. Amazing Health has been selling Himalayan salt products since 2005.

Product Features

  • Amazing Health Himalayan rock salt is perfect for making Sole, the synergistic combination of water and salt that has a higher energetic vibration than either water or salt alone.
  • The mixture of water and crystal salt, called “Sole” (so-lay), is the most flexible physical representation of pure solar and light energy. When water and this salt come together they become a different product, Sole. The word sole, is derived from the Latin word “sol”, which means sun. Sole is nothing but the fluid materialization of sunlight.
  • Sole will break down the build up of heavy metals such as lead, mercury, arsenic, amalgam and calcium. For the body to get rid of these deposits it has to first metabolize them. Even animal proteins, which are difficult to break down and eliminate, will be eliminated through the urine due to the strong structural formation of the crystal salt. Always support this action with water intake of 8 to 10 glasses a day otherwise they will pass round the body and not be flushed out.
  • For consumption daily & can also be used as bath scrub for detoxing or for nasal flushing or in an eye wash when diluted to 1%. Can be used in dry skin conditions. Has been mentioned in the Water and Salt paperback book.
  • Himalayan salt sourced from reputable salt mines. Hand mined and no use of child labour in its production.

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