It also helps to balance the body’s pH levels, and can lead to significant positive changes to respiratory, circulatory and nervous system functions amongst others. Made from large crystal stones, which are crushed by hand. Comes in Amazing Health branded packet. Salt is imported from salt mines in the Himalayas, our salt is of the finest quality. Amazing Health has been selling Himalayan salt products since 2005.

Product Features

  • Himalayan salt contains all the minerals and trace elements of which our bodies are made. Natural salt is crucial for maintaining vital functions in the body. Himalayan salt has no preservatives or additives.
  • It consists of the most perfect geometric structure possible in rock crystals, the result of millions of years of compression under the Earth’s surface. Its has precise mesh with our body’s inner workings because Himalayan salt contains an almost identical set of elements to those found inside the human body, 84 of the possible 92 trace minerals, in the same proportion as naturally exists in our blood.
  • Benefits include the remineralization of the body with the over 80 minerals and trace elements essential to health.
  • Use in bathing. Himalayan baths are great for skin diseases, eczema, dry skin conditions, sores, itchiness of skin. It is also great to detox the body and mineralise it too.
  • It is recommended to bath for 1/2 hour for full benefit once to twice a week. High quality Himalayan salt sourced from reputable salt mines in Kashmir.

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