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A Diet Salad of Tofu, Basil, Tomatoes — for Health, Beauty, and Pleasures


A diet can be exotic, with all the flavors of the world.

Mikhoo free-styles these salads from the vegetables from my garden.

In this video, she makes tofu salad with garden-grown basil, tomatoes, spices. ( I did not grow the tofu. )

( To see her other art videos, go to — htttp://www.youtube.com/user/visitthaiartists )

Mikhoo draws on her experience with Thai, Chinese, and other Asian traditions to make these salads. All of these salads maintain a low-calorie diet while adding protein and vitamins the diets of men and women attempting to stay slender and healthy.

This salad tastes as wonderful as it looks, the soft tofu, the fleshy basil, the ice-cold texture of the tomatoes, the spiking-tastes of the onions and pepper.

In the future, I want to try mixing stevia and other aromatic flavors with the basil, tomatoes, onions, and spices.

Another salad deserving the english word, “confection.”

I am now growing a hydroponic row of stevia for the experiments.

Garden-grown vegetables trade time for expense. Market vegetables are expensive. Garden vegetables require time to plant, water, and weed. And garden tomatoes, cucumbers, and squash require time to tie the vines to vertical trellises.

However, calculate the expense of time to grow the vegetables against the time required to go to a super-market. I can walk to the garden in a minute, cut a salad in less than three minutes. Going to a quality supermarket can take an hour — not including the time required to work to earn a paycheck to pay for the vegetables, the automobile, insurance, gasoline, traffic hazards.

Mikhoo shot this video with her iPhone. Edited with Final Cut Pro 10. Titles with Motion and Adobe PhotoShop and Illustrator. Background music with GarageBand.

( Additional details:

( Basil goes back to the Greeks, who called the spice the ‘Royal Herb.’ Beyond its exotic flavor, basil is rich in vitamins, including vitamin E, and trace minerals, including zinc, which is vital for cell replacement and overall physical health.

( In the spring, summer, and fall, I grow a forest of basil. Some cook books recommend preserving fresh basil with coarse salt. This is toxic. Salt will increase the risk of high blood pressure, high blood pressure increases the risk of vascular failure, heart disease, stroke. Fast food drive-throughs spike their products with heavy doses of salt. This also leads to fluid retention. Look at the people who live on fast-food, their faces and necks sag with the excess fluid in their subcutaneous fat.

( To preserve basil, blend the leaves with olive oil, then place in the freezer. The olive oil thickens to a semi-solid — a cook can spoon out portions of basil for seasoning or making pesto. This also puts olive oil into the dishes, an excellent way to reverse the fat build up in the human vascular system.

( Anyone who eats corporate processed meals will be exposed to excess fat, too often in the form of transfats which the human body may not be able to digest and utilize. Olive oil replaces systemic fat with beneficial oils. Again, look at the people who frequent fast-food drive-throughs. They are fat, slow, and ugly.

( Clinical research shows basil and other green leafy vegetables are rich in a phyto-nutrient, nitrate. This nutrient boosts the efficiency of mitochondria in cells throughout the body. This in turn increases the energy of an individual.

( Scientists have also learned that nitrates are precursor chemicals for the body to produce nitric oxide.

( Nitric oxide is an important molecule which improves circulation by opening blood vessels, relaxing veins and arteries, and lowering high blood pressure.

( In pharmaceutical production, nitric oxide is a precursor chemical for sildenafil, the generic name for Viagra. Viagra accelerates blood flow to genitals — the same effect a diet rich in green vegetables may produce.

( In this way, basil salads with olive oil not only contribute to vascular health, basil may be a natural remedy for erectile dysfunction. As nitrates enhance vascular health and increase the production of vitamin E, a diet rich in garden greens may simultaneously stimulate sex hormones and sexual performance for males.

( For women, garden greens boost the libido with the trace mineral, manganese, through the production of estrogen.

( Many health advocates recommend tofu — a soy product — for older women enduring menopause. They believe soy may act as a natural estrogen replacement contributing to stronger bones, firmer breasts, beautiful skin, and continuing libido. And beyond beauty, this contributes to a more joyful personality. )

Diet, health, beauty through garden-grown vegetables — not only will gardeners enjoy inexpensive, non-toxic food, a natural diet will contribute to a slender, attractive physique and personality. )

Eat green. For health, beauty, and many pleasures.


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