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8 Films to Watch to Get in the Mood

Moon Knight (Oscar Isaac) stands in a darkened tomb.

Moon Knight. It’s a vibe.
Image: Marvel Studios

Moon Knight, the latest Marvel Studios show coming to Disney+, is unlike any Marvel show we’ve ever seen. Mostly that’s because it doesn’t require an encyclopedic knowledge of the events of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to enjoy it. The show is filled with new characters, mythologies, and plenty of inspiration from history and action movies of the past few decades.

In the show, Oscar Isaac plays Steven Grant, a lonely British man who works in a museum and has a sleepwalking problem. That problem is actually that he’s also Marc Spector, an American adventurer who pledged himself to be the avatar of the Egyptian god of the Moon, Khonshu. However, Khonshu is not the only ancient Egyptian God roaming the streets and it’s up to Marc/Steven/Moon Knight to make sure everyone is safe.

The show is a funny, exciting adventure that reminded us of a good bunch of movies. And so, what’s next are those movies, each perfect to watch to get excited for Moon Knight, or in between while you’re waiting for each of the six weekly episodes.

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