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47x39x78 inch Professional Photography LED Studio Large

Price: $339.99
(as of Mar 16,2022 15:09:18 UTC – Details)

1x Photo tent
12x Shed rod(D:16mm)
1x Hanger rod(Length:47inch)
3X Background (46.3*71.5inch)
2x Clip
9x Three way adapter
2x Hook
8X LED Light board (23.58*2inch)(each board 96 Lamp beads)
8x AC DIMMABLE power adapter(Input voltage100-240V/Output voltage:26*36V )
3x Soft light cloth
1x Carry bag

Packing List:
1x Photo tent
12x Shed rod
1x Hanger rod
3X Background
2x Clip
9x Three way adapter
2x Hook
8X LED Light board
8x AC DIMMABLE power adapter
3x Soft light cloth
1x Carry bag
The Photography Light Tents is equipped with 8x LED Beads Strips(each strip contain 96 led beads) Dimmable LED Photo lights which offer the perfect amount of light for producing bright and vibrant photos. The LED Photo lights feature a color temperature of 5500k,These premium lights make it easy to take professional looking photos with a much higher quality than photos produced with neon or fluorescent lights
The lighting tents utilizes a specially woven and heat resistant silver reflector, which delivers uniform illumination while eliminating harsh shadows and reflective glare;The frame of the LIGHT BOX can be set up by convenient joints. And the tent body is built with zippers,Very easy to set up
Light Tent have 3 color pvc background boards provide black, blue, white and 3pcs Soft cloth provide soft light reflection and create an infinite field of depth;The LIGHT BOX have 8pcs DIMMABLE AC Power Adapters,to easily adjust the different brightness; Have Tow shooting holes allow you to shoot in different angles for different objects
Packing List:1x 47x39x78 inch Photo tent,16x Shed rod,1x Hanger rod,3Xpvc Background(black, blue, white),2x Clips,9x Three way adapter,2x Hook,8X LED Light board, 8x AC Dimmable power adapter(easily adjust the different brightness),3x Soft light cloth(provide soft light reflection),1x Carry bag,1x Instruction manual.
Professional 47”x39”x78” Photo Lighting Studio Dimmable Large Lightbox Shooting Tents Kit,High Quality,Strong and Durable,Brightness dimmer allows you to control the light effect better. No strobe, allowing you to take high-quality images in different backgrounds with iPhone, smart phones, cameras.‬‬

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