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15 Minute Full Body Mini Stepper with Bands Workout

15 Minute Full Body Mini Stepper with Bands Workout

Achieve an incredible full body workout blending cardio, resistance band strength training and bodyweight exercises! Follow along with Sunny trainer Sydney as you step and rep your way to fit. Thanks to the variety of exercises and quick changes in this workout, it’ll be over before you know it!


Upper Body Circuit (on stepper with resistance bands)
:45 Bicep Curls
:45 Upright Rows
:45 Tricep Kickbacks

Lower Body Circuit (off stepper)
:45 Sumo Squats
:45 Stationary Lunge Right
:45 Stationary Lunge Left

:30 Rest

Repeat entire workout 3 total rounds!


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► Twisting Stair Stepper Step Machine w/ Resistance Bands & LCD Monitor
Twisting Stair Stepper Step Machine w/ Resistance Bands and LCD Monitor


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  1. can you please tell me how to get this thing to work? i purchased it new on amazon and it is to hard to do. It is so stiff the pedals hard to budge the pedals. Does that mean i got a defective one?

  2. I got mine yesterday, put it near the windows so that while doing the workout, we can also rest our eyes from all those screen time due to Covid situations. My daughters love to use them too.

  3. Can someone help me with a question – I am trying to decide which one should I buy – Mini Stepper or the Twist Stepper? I am not sure of the difference between the two. I am 27 years old, weighing 170 lbs and trying to get a good workout by losing weight and toning my arms. Recommendations? 🙂 Thank you in advance.

  4. Did you do another training before this one? You look sweety before starting (i might be wrong). Anyway, i brought a stepper to test at home because I saw it a lot on american content online, but I can hardly work on it. It seems like I realky really have to push for it to move 😅 i pushed against the door so that I could move it. I also feel like it works on the users weight. I am skinny but am used to do sports, but the stepper remains a mistery to me.

  5. I bought one of these. Used it once for 15 minutes. my dad came over, tried it and just like that…. I lost mine…lol
    I didn't even have it for 24 hours.
    This little thing is great!
    Just waiting again for my new one.

  6. Hi Sydney thank you for sharing this workout using the mini stepper. Just one question tho, is this workout will make my arms more tone or more muscles? I mean I have a broad shoulder (wider than my hips actually) and i'm afraid that by doing this workout with mini stepper will make my arm/shoulder more broader. Your answer would be such a big help for this, I hope you'll notice my comment..

    thank you….

  7. I could maybe do one round for my first go ''I can't do three when just starting but I dare say I will build up to it '''I have back problems and nerve damage in back so I really need to pace myself alot slower than this ''but it's good to see it manageable


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