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12 X-Men Hellfire Gala Variant Cover Fashions Ranked

Marauders #4 Hellfire Gala variant cover by Russell Dauterman

Okay, this one was painful. I love Everett Thomas. His powers are prismatic and campy, he looks great, he’s got some cool shoes, but like… he’s ready to go out into the field, you know? This is a rad superhero outfit, bestie, but you’re going to the red carpet? I love this cover, it’s so charming, but Everett would be the worst date because he’d be in the corner talking to his team the whole time via a hidden comlink that he thinks I wouldn’t be able to see. We’d have a good time when he wasn’t trying to save the world, and he would absolutely be the first person on the dance floor, which I for sure appreciate.

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