In today’s video, you will see 12 menus that improve the menstrual cycle of a woman.

Something that numerous gals don’t care for, but should, is their menstrual cycle. Did you know it tells a good deal about a woman’s health?

Periods can be hard for some wives, but specific menus can make it so much easier.

Knowing which nutrients help is the key to feeling better and more enlivened during your age. Did you know that?

Some foods intensify the uncomfortable manifestations, which merely procreates the experience worse.

The menstrual cycle has four chapters, the pre-menstrual one happening a few weeks before your age.

This is when your person is common knowledge that the uterine rowing needs to be removed to restart the cycle. During this phase, maids start feeling manifestations of PMS.

The symptoms that can be reduced or eliminated with the privilege meat are headaches, nausea, contractions, fatigue, mood changes and irritability, diarrhea, constipation, bloating, etc.

The menstrual chapter makes your person lose vitamins and vital nutrients.

Eating nutritious and anti-inflammatory meat can help refuel your mas and induce you feel better.

Let’s check them:

0:00 Foods That Help with Cramps
1:12 Water
1:24 Lentils and Beans
1:32 Fruits
1:42 Dark Chocolate
1:55 Tea
2:03 Vegetables
2:18 Nuts and Almonds
2:29 Quinoa
2:40 Ginger
2:52 Flaxseed Oil
3:04 Tofu
3:15 Turmeric

Now, tell us, did you know the benefits of these menus for your period?


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