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10 Min Rowing Machine Drills for Beginners

10 Min Rowing Machine Drills for Beginners

Follow along with Sunny Trainer Sydney as she takes you through 10 minutes of drill training on the rower. This routine is perfect for beginners, or anyone looking to break down their stroke and improve their form. Use it as a warm up or a practice session throughout the week to keep those key elements of your rowing stroke fresh on your mind and body for better strokes in your high intensity workouts!

1:00 Arms Only Drill
1:00 Legs Only Drill
1:00 Power Drive

4:00 Full Stroke – practicing putting everything together


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  1. I'm 70 yo. I don't have a lot of endurance or strength. 10 minutes is about all I can handle. Hopefully, over time, my stamina will increase and I'll do longer and more strenuous workouts, but for now, this is perfect. Thanks!

  2. Awesome video! Your technique is mostly really good! I'm a competitive rower, though, and I noticed a few places for improvement. 1. Going up the slide, your body should be set and not adjust its angle after arms and bodies. 2. Similarly, on the drive, the legs go first then the body then the arms. I noticed your body would tend to continue to adjust while going up the slide, and your body would start swinging back too early. I also noticed a little later in the video that your arms weren't straight when your body started to go over. I would really recommend watching Dark Horse Rowing. However, this was overall fairly good technique, just with a few spots of improvement.

  3. It is better to watch also other channels like Dark Horse Rowing or Training Tall to see how rowing should look like. Watching on what the girl on the film does just hurts my eyes. Do not follow her technique.
    1. Chins should be vertical in the "catch" phase. If the machine does not allow for it because of it's dimensions – hmmm… It is like cycling on a too small bike.
    2. Do not bend knees in the "recovery" (also called "return") phase until your hands are straight with palms behind knees and body leaned forward. The sequence "legs – body – arms – arms – body – legs" is to be trained and made into a reflex. The machine itself does not keep this for you (like an elliptical, where you just have to follow the mechanical movements of the machine).

  4. So glad I found this video. I immediately jumped on my Sunny Rower to learn how to row correctly (I'm a former track & field athlete who wanted to try something other than a treadmill in my upstairs homegym). After a ton of research, I found rowing workouts to be a great alternative to get a full body workout. More importantly finding this video will now allow me to use the equipment & not have it sitting as decoration. Thanks again!


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