According to some, Bill Gates prominently among them, social distancing is part of “the brand-new normal.” Alas, there’s plenty of indicate to suggest social distancing and lockdowns will not be necessary at all, and were probably a bad plan in the first place.

According to Nobel-prize-winning scientist Michael Levitt, 1 the rate of SARS-CoV-2 fatality never knowledge exponential growing, as was predicted, which suggests a majority of parties may have had some sort of prior defiance or immunity.

Levitt, a prof of structural biology at the Stanford School of Medicine, received the Nobel Prize in 2013 for his development of multiscale patterns for complex substance systems.

No Exponential Growth in Mortality

Statistical data, he points out, reveal a mathematical decoration that has stayed consistent regardless of the involvements implemented. As reported by Freddie Sayers in the video above 😛 TAGEND

“After around a two-week exponential raise of cases( and, subsequently, extinctions) some kind of break knocks in, and rise starts slow-footed down. The veer promptly becomes’ sub-exponential.’ This may seem like a technical separation, but its ramifications are profound.

The’ unmitigated’ situations modelled by( amongst other) Imperial College, and which tilted governments in various regions of the world into drastic activity, relied on a presumption of continued exponential increment — that with a consistent R number of hugely above 1 and a consistent death rates, very quickly the majority of the person would be infected and big numbers of deaths would be recorded.

But Professor Levitt’s place is that that hasn’t actually happened anywhere, even in countries that have been relatively lax in their responses …

He believes that both some degree of prior exemption and large numbers of asymptomatic occurrences are important factors … He describes indiscriminate lockdown measures as’ a huge mistake, ’ and proposes a’ smart lockdown’ policy, concentrates on … protecting elderly people.”

Quarantining the Healthy Was Unnecessary

Now, prove for prior resist to SARS-CoV-2 is emerging, supplementing support to Levitt’s ideas that the lack of exponential mortality growth may be due to the fact that a majority simply aren’t( and weren’t) suggestible to the disease in the first lieu.

At this moment, we can clearly see that an all-encompassing world totalitarian schedule had been humbly put together, piece by piece, behind the scenes, exclusively to be kept into action once a pandemic — real or imagined — emerged. A leading player in the coordination of this plan has been Bill Gates, who stands to profit in any number of ways, both from inoculations and technological rollouts.

A study2 wrote May 14, 2020, in the publication Cell, observed 40% to 60% of individuals who have not been exposed to SARS-CoV-2 still had fight to the virus on the T-cell degree. Harmonizing to the authors, this recommends there’s “cross-reactive T cell acceptance between distribute’ common cold’ coronaviruses and SARS-CoV-2. ”

In other texts, showing to coronaviruses that cause the common cold appear to allow your immune plan to recognize and fight off SARS-CoV-2 as well. This is great news. Professor Karl Friston, another statistician whose expertise is in scientific simulate, feels fighting or prior exemption could be as high as 80%. Sayers reports: 3

“[ Friston] invented the now standard’ statistical parametric mapping’ skill for understanding ability likeness — and for the recent months he has been applying his particular technique of Bayesian analysis, which he announces’ dynamic causal posing, ’ to the accessible Covid-1 9 data …

His mannequins therefore seems that the striking difference between outcomes in the UK and Germany, for example, is not mainly an effect of different government wars( such as … earlier lockdowns ), but is better explained by intrinsic differences between the populations that offset the’ suggestible population’ in Germany — the group that is vulnerable to Covid-1 9 — much smaller than in the UK …

Even within the UK, the numbers point to the same thing: that the’ effective suggestible population’ was never 100%, and was at most 50% and probably more like exclusively 20% of the population.”

Social Distancing Should Not Be Part of’ New Normal’

As noted by Sayers, this genuinely propels the idea of social distancing being an unavoidable part of the post-COVID-1 9 “new normal” into question. What’s more, once sensible actions such as staying home when sick are entered into this model, the effect of lockdown efforts “literally going on around here, ” Friston says.

According to Friston, the reason why Sweden and the U.K ., for example, have had very similar mortality rates despite hugely different its intervention( Sweden did not impose mandatory stay-at-home orderings or business closes while the U.K. did ), is because Swedes who felt sick abode home regardles. This is common sense for most beings, especially during an active pandemic.

When Sayer invites Friston to provide comments on Neil Ferguson’s now discounted Imperial College model4 that foresaw the deaths among two million Americans and 500,000 Britons unless stringent lockdown and social distancing measures were implemented, he replied that Ferguson’s representations were correct “under the qualification that the person they were talking about is much smaller than you might imagine.”

“In other words, Ferguson was right that around 80% of susceptible parties would rapidly become infected, and … that of those between 0.5% and 1% would die — he really missed the facts of the case that the relevant’ prone population’ was only ever a small portion of parties … ” Sayer writes.

Pandemic Response Plan Has Been a Giant Flop

Why did U.S. public health officials urge lawmakers to almost immediately screen businesses and topic stay-at-home degrees for most of our population rather than implementing traditional infection control measures that identify, quarantine and give the sick? Remember, quarantining is ordinarily reserved for those infected , not for the healthy.

This is a question that deserves an answer. We’re unlikely to get it, however, because the answer would likely reveal that this pandemic has been yet another big impostor to enrich multinational organizations at the expense of just about everything and everybody else. And, if it weren’t for the captured mainstream media, it would never are now working.

At this quality, we can clearly be understood that an all-encompassing world totalitarian intention had been quietly developed in partnership, piece by piece, behind the scenes, merely to be threw into action formerly a pandemic — real or imagined — emerged. A key player in the coordination of this plan has been Bill Gates, who stands to profit in any number of ways, both from vaccines and technological rollouts.

As noted by investigative journalist James Corbett in his four-part Corbett Report on Gates, 5 “every aspect of the current coronavirus pandemic involves administrations, groups and individuals with direct ties to Gates funding.”

This including the World Health Organization, of course, but also the two investigate radicals responsible for shaping the decision to lock down the U.K. and U.S. — the Imperial College COVID-1 9 Research Team responsible for the grossly mistaken mortality sit, and the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation — as well as the National Institute of Health, and the NIH’s Dr. Anthony Fauci, who has been producing the White House pandemic response unit.

Then, of track, there was Event 201, attended six weeks before the illness started. This was a tabletop exercise staged in October 2019 in which the Bill& Melinda Gates Foundation, the World Economic Forum and the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security got together to gauge the nation’s preparedness for a world coronavirus pandemic.

While that employ divulged “massive preparedness gaps, ”6 we’ve seen no dearth of preparedness in areas of thorough a blueprint for how to move and detect the infection and vaccine status of everyone using electronic means.

Ditto for contrives involving everyone to carry vaccine records in order to regain the free to work, get an education, cros and engage in social pleasures vanishing forward. I wrote about this develop recommendation in “Rockefeller Foundation’s Plan to Track Americans.” As noted by Corbett: 7

“Given the incredible contact that the tentacles of the Bill& Melinda Gates Foundation have into every corner of the world health marketplaces, it should not be surprising that the foundation has been intimately involved with every stage of the current pandemic crisis, either.

In outcome, Gates has merely utilized the rich from his power of the software busines to leverage himself into a same berth in the world of global health. The whole process has been mantled in the mantle of selfless philanthropy, but the foundation is not structured as a altruistic work.

Instead, it maintains a dual organize: the Bill& Melinda Gates Foundation strews money to grantees, but a separate entity, the Bill& Melinda Gates Foundation Trust, organizes the endowment assets. These two entities often have overlapping interests, and … concedes given by the foundation often instantly benefit the value of the trust’s assets.”

Medical Mafia

Indeed, I wrote about this illegal setup in “Bill Gates — Most Dangerous Philanthropist in Modern History ?” The Canadian citizen columnist who goes by the name “Amazing Polly, ” has also detailed how world-wide state radicals shamelessly use extortion and protection to achieve their goals, which have everything to do with building wealth and good-for-nothing to do with protecting or improving public health. 8 For more details on this, check “Global Health Mafia Protection.”

In Mafia care scheme plans, parties will compensate extortion money where reference is convinced bad things can or will happen if they don’t pay the fee. The same phenomenon is now seen with governments who might have been skeptical about an imminent pandemic until the entrance of COVID-1 9 and now want to pay for preparedness.

All in all, it’s looking like a giant racketeering strategy. And to keep it becoming into the future, they need everything to fall in line with the idea that good-for-nothing are to be able to be the same as it was pre-COVID-1 9. Well, that is a lie.

Throughout this pandemic, common-sense prevention strategies ought to have rebuffed and defamed, helpful therapy strategies ought to have muffled, and scientists and doctors have been censored for speaking out about the usefulness of alternative therapies or older, inexpensive drugs such as hydrochloroquine.

All of this is evidence that public health is not a primary concern but transposing assets to the extremely prosperous certainly is. Numerous will be enriched from the global vaccination platform and its tracking and find technologies, which will finally be confined to digital IDs and digital economies.

Enough is enough. The global population needs to see the plan for what it is — a global, totalitarian strength seizure — and disown it. We’ve gave anxiety to dramatically alter countries around the world. Let’s not make things worse by making those adjustments permanent. As noted by Barbara Loe Fisher in her thought-provoking commentary, “How Fear of a Virus Changed Our World” 😛 TAGEND

“Some of the core values, which have shaped our history and defined who we are as a society, have been put on trial in 2020 just because we paralyzed by suspicion of a virus that doctors say could be hiding in the breath of every person who comes near us and contaminate everything we stroke …

The despotic lockdown approaching by governments to the coronavirus pandemic has been framed as a choice between safety and liberty … Public health officials have persuasion lawmakers to divide the American people into two castes: those who are considered “essential” and allowed to continue working and those who are considered “nonessential” and barred from earning a living.

Small businesses and assistances judged to be “nonessential” have been forced to close their entrances … while, paradoxically, everyone is free to roam through food market, medicine stores and big-hearted casket supermarkets like Walmart, Target and Home Depot, owned by large-hearted corporations … What we have allowed to be done in the name of public health has no parallel in American history or human history.

The life did not fastening down during centuries of plagues of smallpox, which was a highly contagious virus and had a case fatality rate of 30% … Societies has not been able to closed businesses and institutions to prevent tuberculosis, a contagious disease that spreads the same way as coronavirus and has a event fatality rate still between 20% and 70% …

Why are the majority of beings in educated civilizations like the U.S. cowering in fear before a virus that does not induce any indications or complications in the majority of children and adults under the age of 65, and has a mortality rate of about 1 %, which is even lower if all the asymptomatic illness are counted? …

You given an opportunity, right now, to contact your elected representatives and let them know how you feel about protecting civil liberties and vaccine informed assent privileges in your mood. Sign up to use NVIC’s Advocacy Portal to defend voluntary vaccine choices.

And, when you go to the polls November 4, 2020, think hard about who you are voting for and why. If you don’t like the response to the COVID-1 9 pandemic that your head or other elected representatives have obliged, your vote in this and every poll beyond this one could affect whether America is willing to continue to ethic sovereignty or throw it away.”

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