Why My Child Doesn’t Eat?: How to Turn Feeding Into Pleasure (Parenting Children, Stress Free, A Parent’s Guide, Children’s Health)

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This book will guide you through the best ways to approach feeding your child through the years of infancy to adolescence. You will learn how to follow your child’s feeding development from one stage to the next with ease and order. There will also be some fun recipes provided in the last chapter to help make foods more attractive to your child. Making food items look like funny faces for example can help you to entice your child to eat their vegetables.

Why Should You Download this Book? If you are serious about finding ways that will make meal time more of a pleasing time for your child, then you are going to find some wonderful tips and suggestions to help make this happen for you. This book is filled with knowledge based around your child’s feeding habits at different points in their life as well as some great fun recipes that should draw your child to the dinner table without a fuss. Instead of struggling with your child to try to get them to eat, use the information in this book to help you achieve this goal with ease. Why put yourself and your child through unnecessary stress when you don’t have to? You will learn how to approach feeding your child in such a way that will benefit you both. You will be able to feed your child without a battle and your child will get the nutrients they need to stay happy and healthy. Why not help both you and your child during the feeding process and download this book and get some great tips and sound advice to make feeding time a fun time!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Eating Well: One of Life’s Greatest Pleasures
  • Transition to Spoon-feeding
  • Don’t Force Feed Your Child
  • How Much Should Your Child be Eating?
  • What is Normal Eating for Your Child?
  • Much, much more!

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