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TOP 3 TIPS TO GET BACK ON TRACK: Health, Fitness, & Motivation


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  1. The timing of you releasing this video is absolutely impeccable as it’s very complimentary to the video I released today on almost the same topic but from a different angle. I think all your advice is solid & can be very helpful to most people.

    Sorry to hear you’ve been under so much stress lately & that you feel like you’ve fallen a bit off track, but you’re still as inspirational & positive as always, & just know you have friends like me who are always willing & able to help you out anytime you ever need it. Always rooting for you to succeed in all you do Jess!!! 💪

  2. you said it perfectly, take it slow and dont be so hard on yourself.

    Ive been feeling off track for awhile now, dont stress and give yourself a break.

    I feel like I needed to hear this as well!

  3. I hate the 'just wing it phase' I was doing that the last couple of months last year. I actually do the workout fit before bed too. It gets me in the right mindset when I wake up.
    I love the motivation behind this Jess! Time to get back into it. Just know you're not alone and motivating me too!

  4. I had pics and videos but I always wore baggy clothing so you can't see my body. I didn't really take pics till I was down 75 pounds. I plan on taking another update soon.

    No shame in feeling like you want to slim down a bit. Seems like you have all the tips to get it done.

    People forget about organizing fitness. I know it is something I need to work on as I increase my fitness level.

    Giving yourself grace is different than giving yourself excuses. It is okay to give yourself grace 💯

    Have a great week.

  5. Your lashes look so nice! Yes it's key to stay positive with your progress/journey a lot of the times I end up snowballing downhill if I end up over thinking or stressing over something little it can set me back a while!

  6. This was such a good video, I hope people see this and realize that stress can be a huge factor in putting us behind in our goals. Just because we are stressed we may feel like "oh I deserve it" and here we are eating a whole pizza by ourselves. Thanks for spreading your tips on this, and yes counting calories is always fun 🙂

  7. Before photos and measurements are so key! I wish I took more in the beginning but it was really hard for me at the time. It’s a miracle I got a few. 10lbs is totally doable! These are some great tips!


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