TimeBook – Best Planners, Journals and Personal Development Books All-in-one – Easy Engaging Way to the Lifestyle of Success in Wealth, Health and Relationships (49-Day Easy Start, Without Gift Box)

What it is:

  • The best productivity planner and personal development workbook to change your life/business and feel great every day, in just 49 days
  • Learn from top-achieving millionaires the best tools of productivity, planning and goal-setting
  • Undated daily, weekly and monthly planner
  • Start on any day

What to expect:

  • TimeBook brings you daily educational information from world’s greatest minds on how to succeed in your personal life, business, and relationships
  • Become productive and get the most out of every day while working toward your goals and dreams in an achievable manner
  • Broaden your horizon on various topics such as psychology, sales, finances, nutrition, fitness, business, and mindfulness
  • Discover what you need to do to become happier and have more energy every day
  • Live the successful lifestyle of millionaire super-achievers, own their habits, skills, and achieve results like they did

What’s included:

  • Daily Planner – Maximize your productivity and results to achieve success
  • Daily Educational Worksheets – Learn from the best in an actionable way
  • Daily Habit Checkboxes – Keep your life in balance and energy levels high
  • Daily Challenges – Expand your comfort-zone and make life better
  • Weekly Goal Setting – Set real, meaningful goals and improve your life
  • Weekly Productivity Calendar – Get an overview of your tasks and events
  • Weekly Journal – Analyze yourself for personal development and self awareness
  • Monthly Self-Assessment – Set the right goals to achieve happiness
  • Monthly Planning – Set goals that really matter and get things done


  • 120 gsm clearest white Soporset premium paper
  • Non-dated
  • Hardcover with gold folio
  • Strong woven thread bookmark

Product Features

  • ✅ START THE GOOD LIFE ON ANY DAY – TimeBook is a 2-in-1 personal development workbook and productivity planner. It teaches the basics of productivity and success in health, wealth and relationships in a 49-day (or 7-week) guided exercise book format.
  • ✅ MASTER YOUR LIFE – Want to achieve goals, increase productivity and fulfillment in life? TimeBook will bring you these results with brainstorming exercises, self-evaluations, lessons from leaders, inspirational quotes, practical plans & executions.
  • ✅ TURN IDEAS INTO ACTIONS, DREAM TO REALITY – Reading a self-help book is not enough to change your life. TimeBook gives you the perfect balance of creativity, practicality, inspiration and discipline for you to move forward consistently every day.
  • ✅ LIFE CHANGING YET FLEXIBLE – It can take 18 – 66 days for a habit to form. Having a non-dated format, you can start on any day with TimeBook as the perfect tool for embarking on a fulfilling self-explanatory journey and see results in just 49 days.
  • ✅ PERFECT FOR YOURSELF & LOVED ONES – Whether you want to improve your own life or share the fulfilling experience with loved ones, the TimeBook gives values that digital planners cannot give. Gift this notebook to those looking to change their life.

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