Veganicity Vitamin K2 100µg Bone and Circulation Health Supplement – 60 Tablets

60 Vtabs of 100µg Vegan Vitamin K2, to help with the proper bone formation and blood clotting, due to its action in the body on calcium transportation!

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Veganicity Pregnancy Essentials Multivitamin Women’s Health Supplement – Pack of 60 Tablets

60 VTabs of a one-a-day multivitamin and mineral designed to ensure the proper health, growth and development of a baby during pregnancy.

Supportive nutrients for a healthy pregnancy!

Product Features

  • A comprehensive vegan pregnancy multivitamin that includes 25 major nutrients to help safeguard the health of mother and baby!
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Veganicity 500mg Vegan Evening Primrose Oil Women’s Health Supplement – Pack of 90 Capsules

Evening primrose oil provides omega-6 fatty acids, to regulate many body functions including hormones, blood pressure, healthy skin and the reproductive cycle including menstruation. With a guaranteed 10% gla content. Presented here in a gelatin free capsule.

Product Features

Veganicity Chelated Iron 24mg Women’s Health Mineral Supplement – 90 Tablets

Veganicity Chelated Iron 90 Tablets

Product Features

  • Essential for red blood cell and haemoglobin production
  • Maintain the immune system and increase vitamin C absorption
  • Presented in a form similar to how it occurs naturally, for better utilisation by the body
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