AiKiddo Baby Nail Clippers Safety Grooming kit Nail Care Manicure Set with Scissors, Tweezers and Nail File (5 Pcs) for Newborn, Infant, Toddler, Kids (Pink)

As parents, we know how stressful and difficult it is to clip baby’s tiny nails unless have the right tool! Some baby grooming kits made from cheap materials that either shred baby’s nails, cut too close to the skin, or don’t … Continue reading

Eggsnow Baby Grooming Kit (4 pcs) Manicure Set Infant Nail Clipper Set with Scissors,Nail File &Tweezers in Lovely Stroge bag-Blue

Eggsnow Baby Manicure Set with Nails Clipper, Scissors, Nail File and Nasal Tweezers

Unique Feature

-Lovely case for easy store at home and carry during traveling.

-Anti-slip handles for preventing user’s thumb from slipping away.

-Our grooming … Continue reading