(8 PACK) – Cotswold Chamomile| 50 g |8 PACK – SUPER SAVER – SAVE MONEY

Cotswold Health Products-Chamomile Tea (50g)Chamomile (Matricaria recutita) is a widely used herb, believed to have relaxing properties. This delicious tea is a refreshing and caffeine free alternative to every day tea and coffee.

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(10 PACK) – Cotswold Health Products – Elderflower Tea | 50g | 10 PACK BUNDLE

The Elderflower tea will Surely uplift your senses easy and effective. It is a rich, full-tasting, caffeine-free herbal. It is generally useful to relieve cold symptoms, including catarrh and sinus problems.

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(2 Pack) – Cotswold Health Products – Chamomile Tea | 50g | 2 PACK BUNDLE

Chamomile flowers have a distinctive ‘apple like’ fragrance and give this aromatic taste to teas and infusions. German chamomile, (also referred to as blue chamomile, wild chamomile, hungarian chamomile or scented mayweed) can be used to sooth sore stomachs, aid digestion, … Continue reading