Swanson Oregano Oil (120 Softgels)

Get concentrated all-natural support for gastrointestinal, respiratory, and urinary tract health with Oregano Oil. Chefs have long valued oregano as a culinary herb, but herbalists will tell you it is even more valuable for the many health-promoting qualities it possesses.

Swanson’s high-bioavailability softgels feature a potent 150 mg of concentrated oil of oregano extract in a base of extra virgin olive oil.

Product Features

  • 120 Softgels
  • Potent antioxidant protection

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3 Responses to Swanson Oregano Oil (120 Softgels)

  1. Badoit_Intense says:

    Oregano Oil is excellent for: antiseptic, immune booster, skin & viral infections, clears phlegm and mucus, repels bugs ***** This was my first ever purchase of Oregano Oil Capsules. I read that Oregano Oil was good for breaking up phlegm and mucus connected to Respiratory Conditions and I bought it to tackle a constant sinus congestion problem. However, having used it most days for a month, during the summertime, I definitely agree it has helped.Oregano Oil capsules are good for so many things I can’t even write all here. If you burst a capsule that little bit of oil is like a whole spoonful of TCP or…

  2. Mr kerry s Gair says:

    This is a fantastic product which came with some free loose oregano of …

  3. hvduisbvosiau says:

    The only Oregano oil I buy.