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Sage is a herb typically used in British cooking. However, it’s origins are Latin, and its Latin plant name, the Salvia Officinalis. It is slow-growing evergreen plant native to Southern Europe. It has distinctive green-grey leaves and purple flowers.

Sage was once the pinnacle of medieval medicine. It was often combined with other herbs, rosemary, thyme and lavender to treat disease. One tale spoke of the “Four thieves vinegar”, 4 thieves were caught stealing from a house infected with the plague, and yet survived. They had been told they would not be put to death if they revealed how they survived. The thieves had been using Sage as a form of antibacterial protection.

The greatest therapeutic benefit of sage is that it contributes to normal hormonal balance, especially in women during the menopause. By regulating the hormones it can reduce symptoms such as excessive sweating. Furthermore, Sage can promote digestive system, stimulating normal stomach and intestinal tract function. Lastly, Sage is anti-sceptic and can prevent oxidation that can aid immune health. Antioxidants prevent destructive free radicals in the body thus maintaining cell integrity.

We offer this tablet in three strengths of 500mg, 800mg and 1600mg in a range of 6 quantities each. The 500mg and 800mg strength comes in our smallest form of 6mm. The 1,600mg strength comes in an 8mm tablet which is easy to swallow and very manageable.

Product Features

  • Combats Menopausal Symptoms – Sage has been shown to effectively reduce menopausal hot flushes and night sweating, benefiting your hormone balance and general well-being
  • Rich in Antioxidants – Sage helps to reduce oxidative damage to your bodies cells and is believed to reduce disease
  • Immune System Support – From sage leaves, our herbal extract supports your body’s immune system through its antiseptic properties. This helps to strengthen your defenses and contributes to your general health
  • Extra Strength 800mg Sage Leaf Extract Tablets – Made in the UK, we manufacture our own tablets at our facility in Oxfordshire. We thrive on delivering the highest quality ingredients, from reliable and well-researched suppliers. we manufacture our own tablets at our facility in Oxfordshire
  • Fast and Free Shipping – we value your health and well-being, so order by 5 pm for next day delivery!

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3 Responses to Sage Leaf Tablets | Extra Strength 800mg Supplements for Hot Flushes, Mood & Heartburn | Oxford Vitality ®

  1. Helen says:

    Super Quick Delivery I recently ordered these sage tablets as I was running low on my normal brand. They arrived next day, very impressed with this Oxford Vitality’s customer service. The tablets are very small and smell better than my previous brand, they taste better too. Early days for me to say whether they help with my hot flushes, but I will update my review with a comment in a month or so.UPDATE: These tablets have definitely helped with night sweats, though I am getting short day ones, but it is…

  2. lesley Outen says:

    Menopause symptons

  3. Spew says:

    Give them a go.