Rivers of Health 50ml Colloidal Silver Spray

Product Description Rivers of health has been producing high stability colloidal silver 100 ml for many years at its manufacturing facility in Dorset. They use the latest electro current controlled technology and a 9 stage water purification process. The final product has a silver content of 10ppm, but more importantly, the very small particle size means that it can be more effective than some other products with a higher silver content. This is because as the particle size decreases the surface area available for contact with microbes increases. The small particle size also improves the stability of the product as there is less of a tendency for the silver particles to agglomerate or settle out, and hence this product has a shelf life of at least 12 months. Colloidal silver can be sprayed directly onto the skin or applied with a dropper. It can be used as a gargle or as a mouth and throat spray, and it can be taken internally in small amounts. It may also be suitable for use with plants, birds and animals, which can often be difficult to treat by other means.

Product Features

  • Ideal for travelling and for dispensing small amounts
  • Can be sprayed onto skin including damaged skin
  • It is also suitable for plants and animals
  • One of the oldest anti microbial agents
  • Suitable for vegans

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