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Reddit Adds Gifs to Comments

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Yay! No more linking out.
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Calling the BTS ARMY: There will now be even more opportunities for BTS to grace the online corridors of Reddit. How is this so, you ask? GIFs are coming to Reddit comments.

Reddit announced that, starting today, users in SFW  (“suitable for work,non-quarantined) subreddits will be able to add GIFs from GIPHY’s library directly into their text comments. Enabling GIPHY in comments will be an opt-in feature for current subreddits, the company said in a blog post. Meanwhile, newly created subreddits will have the feature automatically turned on but can opt-out if they wish.

But wait a minute, didn’t Reddit already have GIFs? It did, dear reader. Those GIFs didn’t show up in the comments, though. Users had to link out to a GIF, which means that others had to leave Reddit to view it. After all this time, it seems that Reddit has finally decided to solve the problem.

“Simply put, GIFs in Comments empowers users to have richer and more dynamic conversations through visual media,” Reddit said in its blog post. “It brings an added layer of personal expression to Reddit comments, and a more seamless, on-platform experience for those users who’ve historically posted links of GIFs (requiring a click out).”

Previously, Reddit said that posting GIFs directly into comments had only been allowed for users with Powerups, or paid subscriptions that give special perks to small numbers of users. The platform explained that this feature had proven to be quite successful in the last two years, which led Reddit to expand it to all users.

In order words, there is no escaping my beloved “Heart Jin” or “Waving J-Hope” now. Let’s raise a glass for all the members of ARMY who will fill up all types of Reddit comment sections with BTS GIFs.

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