Personal Daily Planner Organizer Will Help You to Keep Work-Life Balance & Achieve a Little More Goals – NO DATES Calendar Planner ( 8,5 X 5,7 ) – Diary Notebook for Man and Women 2018 / 2019

How often do you suffer a shortage of time or forget to do something important?

We created a loyal assistant to organize your daily scheduling. It is designed to help you set up and keep the work and life balance.

We recommend you TO FOLLOW TWO PRINCIPLES of «little more» approach:

1. You can be little more selective and specific about your «to do» list, and sort items before listing them, not after. It will help you to keep your total workload well under control.

2. Do a little more each day than you think you possibly can. It will help you to achieve more goals.

To sum up, your « Little More» calendar planner will help you to:
– Live according to your schedule, without being tied to the date given on the page.
– Quickly access and modify everything you have already planned for your day, week or>- Cross out the completed items and tasks.
– Remember all the important events, dates, and tasks.
– Manage your business and private life properly.

100% satisfaction guarantee – your satisfaction is our top priority, and we believe that you will like using our “Little More” organization planner, but if you are not fully satisfied, we will promptly refund you 100% of the product’s price!

Click the “Add To Cart” button above and get your “Little More” planner right now.

Let it help you to ACHIEVE «little more» GOALS AND NEVER forget THE most IMPORTANT MOMENTS OF YOUR LIFE!

Product Features

  • ✅ LITTLE MORE THAN JUST A DAY PLANNER DIARY – 328 pages where you can keep daily weekly and monthly goals. This calendar planner will help you to keep work-life balance and to be happy a little more every day.
  • ✅ DAILY PERSONAL PLANNER ORGANIZER IS EXCLUSIVE – high-quality materials, comfortable size, thick ivory-colored paper, strong binding, a ribbon marker, golden page ends and branded plastic box. Best choice for a present.
  • ✅ EVERY DAY IS DIVIDED into 5 BLOCKS – you can plan something cozy for your morning and special for an evening. Put the business in between. For the most important «do» of the day you have an Imperative block in your planner.
  • ✅ UNDATED AGENDA PLANNER – you can start using it on any day and put down the dates as you want, so with our daily planner, you get little more freedom in arranging your time.
  • ✅ LEATHER PLANNER – the calendar planner is made of soft ECO-friendly leather which is a pleasure to hold.

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3 Responses to Personal Daily Planner Organizer Will Help You to Keep Work-Life Balance & Achieve a Little More Goals – NO DATES Calendar Planner ( 8,5 X 5,7 ) – Diary Notebook for Man and Women 2018 / 2019

  1. Fred says:

    Lifechanging planner ! I am a huge fan of yearly planners. I love to stay organized, but I have a hard time remaining positive in my environment. Trust me, I’m from the hood and everyone knows there’s no easy about living like this. However, I found this Little More Planner on Amazon and I ordered it RIGHT AWAY!There is a TED talk about cultivating positivity through writing exercises. Taking time to write about what you are grateful/excited for changes your whole life. If you are depressed (like I was),…

  2. Nicolas says:

    Excellent size to take for a meeting without the unnecessary … That is exactly what you need to keep the records of your daily progress in whatever you want to achieve, to keep your diary with the meetings, etc. I was primarily looking for a planner that would allow me to write down the highlights from the audiobooks that I listen and to help me keep a track of my progress in my hobby/business. It ticks all the boxes. The planner also felt of a premium quality from the moment you’re taking it out from the gift box it is packed into. Excellent size to take…

  3. Revel-Nevel says:

    Excellent. This does not have all the information paraphernalia about public holidays and time zones that your average diary contains and, for me, this is a plus point – although I appreciate this is more of a planner than a diary. This is a very nice planner. It has a soft feel to the cover and a plastic case to keep it in good condition. It feels luxurious.Inside you have a personal details page and a monthly planner. The rest of the book allows you to add the date (lovely if you miss a few…