No-Tears Self Soothing: Effective Baby Sleep Techniques for Settling Well and Sleeping Through the Night

Winner of a Mom’s Choice Award.

“To help baby sleep I used to think self soothing meant crying it out, but now I know better. This no-tears sleep solution certainly worked for us!”

The 3-step program to teach your baby to self soothe, without crying it out

Self soothing to sleep is important because it makes bedtimes easy and leads to healthy uninterrupted sleep. It is the key to having your baby sleep through the night.

This book gives you the hands-on tools to wean from nursing, bottle-feeding, holding, rocking or otherwise helping your baby to settle and sleep. All without the need for crying it out.

The recognized 3-step program by Heidi Holvoet, PhD – founder of – has been used and approved by families worldwide. Parents report lasting results as their baby’s bedtimes, naps and nights improve consistently. Moms and dads feel supported by Heidi’s natural care combined with her thorough pediatric sleep research.

Unique sleep strategies for a unique baby

The reason most baby sleep advice books don’t lead to results is because they happily assume that most babies have the same needs and abilities and therefore will settle for a one-fits-all solution.

Instead, “No-Tears Self Soothing” features Heidi Holvoet’s signature baby-specific approach. By carefully doing the 3 steps, you will naturally be shaping the precise strategy your baby needs. It will be nicely adapted to your baby’s age, personality and ability as well as your present family situation.

In this book

You will:

1. Set the right stage for easy settling and restful nights

2. “Do” self soothing practice at any given age properly

3. Use the proven no-cry sleep techniques to wean from any dependent sleep situation

The book is packed with tips and advice to help your baby or toddler sleep better, and also includes Heidi’s renowned “What if it doesn’t work?” extra’s. These offer alternative strategies that help you discover in more detail what works for you and your unique baby.

“Pleasant to read, easy to do and above all: it works!”

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3 Responses to No-Tears Self Soothing: Effective Baby Sleep Techniques for Settling Well and Sleeping Through the Night

  1. Mrs Amrit Kaur Sehmi says:

    My baby learnt how to fall asleep after 3 days …

  2. Michael Lucchesi says:

    A really positive and useful book!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I have read many sleep books and this one (along with Heidi’s other two) is my favorite. Is my baby now sleeping through the night? No. Is my baby self-soothing before bed times and naps? Sometimes. If you want some practical ideas to help you with a gentle way to teach and encourage your child to sleep better, without crying, then this book is great. Some of her ideas I was doing already, but a slight tweek to them after reading made all the difference. The biggest reason, however, I like this…