Men’s Health: Strong and Lean

When I was growing up, one of my mother’s regular
sermons related to the pitfalls of fatigue. “The difference
between hope and despair,” she’d say, “is simply a good
night’s sleep.”
Well, it turns out that my old mum was right. Multiple
studies have since confrmed the link between sleep and
emotional resilience. But that’s just the beginning.
In his book Why We Sleep, British neuroscientist
Matthew Walker claims that insufcient shut-eye
increases your risk of a veritable multi-car pile-up of
maladies including depression, anxiety, diabetes, cancer,
heart attack and stroke. As the side-effects go, despair
suddenly seems relatively benign.
Sleep, in other words, is a miracle drug. Recognition
of this fact has triggered the
“clean sleeping” movement
in which a growing number
of people arm themselves
with sleep-trackers, lavender
pillow sprays and magnesium
supplements to ensure they clock
a minimum of eight hours each night in the Land of Nod.
You can hardly fault the logic here. Unfortunately,
the clean-sleeping trend overlooks the messy truth of
real life – in particular, the existence of small children,
monstrous deadlines and that overdue catch-up with
old mates. Sufce to say, these non-negotiables are the
sworn enemies of quality slumber.
But if the prospect of adequate sleep is fanciful at
your current stage of life, then help is at hand. Our
story on p98 is designed to help you manage when
your energy reserves are low. We’ve collected a stack of
natural life-hacks to deliver instant vitality, focus and
zip without a near-constant intravenous flow of caffeine.
Frankly, it’s a genuine eye-opener. Read it and hit the
refresh button for your soul.

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