Men’s Health Over 50 – Stay Fit for Life Book

Men’s Health over 50 is a book of tips and health advice for staying healthy over 50, interspersed with a large dose of common sense, suitable for any man reaching the age milestone who wishes to preserve fitness and quality of life over 50 years old.

Stay Fit or Life by following this simple and insightful advice, discussing ways to improve your general health and continue to enjoy a full and active life.

5 Star review ***** By c gebbie on kindle
“This short book covers all aspects of men’s health from diet to prostate problems. It is easy to understand and explains how to maintain or improve your health as you age. The book is written specifically for men but most of the information would be equally useful to women.”

Chapter 1 – A Healthy Diet
Chapter 2 – Regular Exercise
Chapter 3 – Weight Balance
Chapter 4 – Exercise Your Mind
Chapter 5 – Common Over 50 Concerns

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One Response to Men’s Health Over 50 – Stay Fit for Life Book

  1. EndaS says:

    men’s health Got this for my hubby few weeks ago on my ereader, and he is actually reading it.. men’s health over 50 provides a good guide to help men stay healthy and eat well, also explains well some of the potential health issues affecting men as the grow older (and try to avoid health issues as best they can!).I am hoping it will encourage my man to become more active as there are some really useful tips on easy exercising – without having to go to the gym – as well as some very sensible…