3 Responses to Menopause: Over 100 Recipes to Help You Overcome Symptoms Naturally (Eat to Beat)

  1. Virginia Hall says:

    A great change for the better I found this book in my local library after being put on a diet of no dairy, no sugar and no yeast by my Chinese doctor, treating me for raised FSH, not because I was perimenopausal (I’m 39). I was delighted to discover that 99% of the recipes covered this dietary aspect and was equally delighted with the baking end of the book which gives recipes for delicious flapjack style snacks. I would be in a real state without this book as there’s only so many oat biscuits I can stomach. My father…

  2. M. Teresa Paula says:

    A healthier life

  3. Smokies Mum says:

    Changes womens lives…. and for the better