Making Friends with Anxiety: A warm, supportive little book to ease worry and panic – 2016 edition

A warm and supportive little book to help ease worry and panic by bestselling author Sarah Rayner – new edition for 2016. Drawing on her own experience of anxiety disorder and recovery, Sarah Rayner shares her insights into this extremely common and often distressing condition with compassion and humour. She reveals the seven elements that commonly contribute to anxiety including adrenaline, negative thinking and fear of the future, and explains what causes worry and panic to become such a problem for many of us. Illustrated by examples and photographs from the author’s own life and backed by an online support group, since its launch in 2014 this companion to mental good health has helped thousands of sufferers across the world. Now it’s been updated for 2016 to include more insights from the author, and dozens of bite-size suggestions from readers and group members who share what’s worked for them. If you suffer from panic attacks, a debilitating disorder or simply want to spend less time worrying, Making Friends with Anxiety will give you a greater understanding of how your mind and body work together, helping restore confidence and control. * Draws on the techniques of Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy * Useful links throughout, plus details of helplines and recommended reads * Ongoing online support group available “‘Simple, lucid advice on how to accept your anxiety’ ” Matt Haig, bestselling author of Reasons to Stay Alive. “‘Reads like chatting with an old friend; one with wit, wisdom and experience’ “Laura Lockington, Brighton and Hove Independent “‘This is a great book: readable, practical and, most importantly, compassionate. Sarah Rayner gives a clear explanation of the common symptoms of anxiety and panic that affect so many lives. She then goes on to give sound advice as to how to cope with these ongoing feelings. This entails a series of strategies that encourage understanding of the anxiety rather than its suppression, aiming to give control of the

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3 Responses to Making Friends with Anxiety: A warm, supportive little book to ease worry and panic – 2016 edition

  1. Louis Claydon says:

    Helpful and not too heavy

  2. Rose says:

    A really helpful little book

  3. julie.hobbs says:

    How did you know