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Lillian Muller now Health Beauty and Fitness Expert

Lillian Muller is a World Renowned Health Fitness and Beauty Expert

She can be contacted for Seminars and Workshops at bioforce.inc@gte.net


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  1. I will tell you that Lillian would consider your remarks a compliment, since the "only" surgery she has had is her breasts. And she has not said that the "only" element to her appearance is her lifestyle. She is perfectly aware that genetics also plays a significant role, but the lifestyle maximizes he phenotype.

  2. She does look great, but has clearly had a chin implant. (I know…what chin…) She would look better than most at 60 anyway– just good genes. But it drives me crazy when women like her and Suzanne Somers profess to look the way they do simply because of their lifestyles.

  3. @krainachichow78

    I am Lillian's friend, biz partner and trainer. While you comment seems a bit negative, it is actually a compliment, since aside from her breast augmentation of years ago, she does not use botox or plastic surgery of any kind.

  4. She looks amazing. I used to love her in the "Da Ya Think I'm Sexy" video by Rod Stewart. Unfortunately, the complete video was removed from youtube about two weeks ago.


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