Kinetik Wellbeing Non Contact Baby Thermometer

Quickly and hygienically reads the temperature without having to disturb your child. The bodys temperature is a good measure of general health. Changes in temperature either higher or lower can mean the start of an illness. Its particularly important to identify when a child is unwell. For peace of mind all families need a Thermometer as part of their first aid kit. The Kinetik 3 in 1 thermometer will give you all the assurance you need to monitor your childs health and wellbeing. 

Product Features

  • In association with St John Ambulance.

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3 Responses to Kinetik Wellbeing Non Contact Baby Thermometer

  1. Cooltide says:

    Easy to use, Fast, Accurate and Hygenic I wanted a non contact thermometer for hygiene reasons, as there has been MRSA in the family, (an unwanted souvenir from a hospital stay), and I am now always aware of cross infection.I am very happy with this thermometer. Simply turn it on, point it at the forehead, press the scan button and you have an accurate temperature measurement a second later. It even beeps an alarm if it detects a fever. No need for disposable covers or sterilization after use.I am unlikely to use the…

  2. ZoeR says:


  3. DHD says:

    I liked it