Innovative Pet Products Oral Health Dog Bowl, Small , Green

The Oral Health Food Bowl for pets works in three unique ways to promote better oral health. Firstly, the ribbed central pad cleans the tongue as pets enjoy their meal. This slows the eating process and leads to an increase in the production of saliva to

Product Features

  • No more dog breath!
  • This vet-developed eating bowl works in 3 unique ways to give your dog fresh breath and better oral health.
  • Firstly special ribbed pads clean the tongue as your dog eats.
  • The bowl also helps to slow eating to increase saliva production and more saliva means healthier gums and teeth!
  • Available in a bright, fresh, green colour.

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2 Responses to Innovative Pet Products Oral Health Dog Bowl, Small , Green

  1. Melanie Pratt says:

    Innovative dog bowl Always on the lookout for things to help keep my little dog’s teeth in good condition, I was intrigued by the idea of this bowl. It is made from plastic, and has two functions: it works as a slow feeder bowl, and also has multiple small ridges moulded into the inside of the bowl which function as a tongue scraper, also apparently increasing saliva flow, which accounts for the ‘oral health’ claims. They look a little like they might hurt, so I licked them myself first, and am happy to report…

  2. Mrs. A. M. Chadwick says:

    My Shetland Sheepdog Loves it 🙂 “The Oral Health Food Bowl” for pets which has been developed by vets. It arrived well packed and the stickers you see inside the bowel and on the front come off extremely easily which is great. This dish is small and bright green and white.We have two Shetland Sheepdogs, the eldest is 7ys old and the youngest if 1yr old, (both our dogs usually use metal dog dishes).When we first got the bowel, we washed it and then we gave it to our youngest so he could have…